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‎"I mean, it was only two weeks ago when almost every white person I knew was tweeting about stopping a brutal African warlord from killing more innocent children. And they even took thirty minutes out of their busy schedules to watch a movie about dude. They bought t-shirts. Some bracelets. Even tweeted at Rihanna to take a stance. But, a 17 year old American kid is followed and then ultimately killed by a neighborhood vigilante who happens to be carrying a semi-automatic weapon and my white friends are quiet. Eerily quiet. Not even a trending topic for the young man."
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I believe this is relevant:

A black victim of a white racist is inconsistent with the narrative that black people are their own worst problem and need white people to save them from themselves. The KONY 2012 thing gratified that narrative. The Trayvon Martin tragedy flips that script on its head. I am not really surprised that the story hasn't gained traction outside of certain progressive circles; white people generally don't like to acknowledge their own racism.
That narrative is some artificial social construct invented probably by non black humans. For example, al jazeera (at computers in libraries otherwise I'd link) posted an article complete w YouTube showing Ugandans shunning the whole KONY2012 movement regarding it as useless and/or dangerous. Half ass listening to this session... excuse the rambling lol
KONY2012 was fluffing American people up for further military intervention in Uganda; we both know how Al Jazeera feels about American military interventions, so it comes as no surprise that they were right on top of criticizing the campaign. As of October 2011 there were already 100 U.S. combat equipped troops in Uganda and the KONY 2012 people were looking to push that number higher. If you want to call the KONY 2012 people misguided, you will not get an argument from me about it. Hell, you could even call them witless tools of neoconservative foreign policy strategists and I would be OK with that.
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