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Running 1-17 on the d850 and it seems like things are running smooth however if I try to update an app from Amazon it won't let me select install, only cancel. Anyone familiar with this?

just wanted to say that latest update for D850 is going very well no issues of note and thank you I can finally modify the nav keys!

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This what happens when I clean flashed 1\10 for d850, at&t G3

Don't know if this has been posted yet. I'm on d850 and can not dirty flash an update. It gets stuck on boot. Also, if I clean flash. The lg boot logo sticks until I get a kernel crash error. I've found that it works if I clean flash CM then dirty flash over that. Unusual.

thanks in advance for any help, are there any plans to dev for the LG G3? this was my favorite rom for the S3 and would love to see it on the G3.

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Thanks Ed for the latest omni build. Everything running just fine with the latest BMS kernel

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