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During my genealogy research...my dna is matching very closely to this Henry Fox/Anne West family.  I came across this letter on one of the genealogy boards.... The lady's last statement has my curosity, AROUSED !!!
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That's a fascinating statement. I wonder? You got another deeper mystery now!
You ain't lying +Jeremy Sears. I've been holding onto this for several yrs, now.  I can't find anything, or more importantly, THAT BOOK !!!!  Decided to post it in other places...see if it catches the attention of anyone else !!
+Kennetha Wade​ Have you tried Ancestry.com or the Mormon on line records? They usually have incredible success with such things. My dad's working his way back on both sides of his parents to a heck of a find.
I've been on Ancestry for yrs, now. Haven't found any leads, yet. I've also been on the LDS's website, as well....nothing...

I've decided that I will probably have to go to VA, to search their local records.
+Kennetha Wade You're probably going to be Shocked when you discover who and where you hail from. Believe me. It's amazing the journey it took to make us. If our DNA could talk the stories it would tell you would be like a great novel you NEVER WOULD believe unless the source wasn't 100%.
I wish I had the funds to hire a professional. I REALLY want to know how this connection came about. I've talked with  a couple of the FOX administrators from the Family Tree DNA Project, and the administrator of the ELDER Project.

We ALL want to solve this mystery !!!!  
+Kennetha Wade If you know an estimate of a possible term of contracted employment services & said obstacles like sealed documents, you should see if ANY type of free or (willing upstart) might help. I'd say contact a studio company like the production companies of CBS and type up a compelling case for a possible show.
If l learned ANYTHING from sales and life is if you give people a list of enough benefits(possible or not) they will move mountains to see such things manifest in their lives. 
I don't know of any of those services, but, I can ask around. But, get this, I was on the PBS Genealogy Road show, last year.

They were doing a segment here in Nashville, I applied, was intervied and cast for the show. But, at the time, they were time constricted...doing several taping and picking out the really "great ones. Mine, along with several others didn't get aired.

The genealogist they assigned to my case, Imo, really didn't do much digging into my background. They gave me a name that was "probably" the owners of my ancestors !!! That didn't go over so well, because the slave owner they gave me was in a different town from my gggf, in 1870.   

I and the FOX administrators were sort of skeptical of the name they gave me. I've been trying to send in a story to Mr. Gates.  Mr. Gates has started the African DNA Project, and it is managed by Family Tree DNA. Last week, I merged my dna samples into the African database that Mr. Gates in managing.

So, we'll see what comes up next !!!
+Kennetha Wade This is intriguing indeed. You're going to become a private investigator by proxy after this. LOL.👍 
Which website did you use
I know +Jeremy Sears. I've been doing this since 2002. Submitted the dna of my brother in 2006. The Elder administrator is  retired Librarian from WA. Just last week, my analysis on the FOX dna site came through with even more results, linking this Elder lady to the same line I'm researching.  Oh, and my surname is ELDER !!!

About 4 yrs ago, this lady, being a librarian and having FREE access to Ancestry.com, BOY, she snowed me with emails of strings and strings of family names.  I got so overwhelmed, I had to take a couple yrs off from researching, LOL..

But, after I started back, came across this letter........Boy, oh boy !!!!
+Kennetha Wade That's why l believe the acients kept immaculate records.
One, they were more tribalistic in their thinking.
And they had less cell phones to deal with....LOL.😂 
Correction; ...ELDER, the surname we were given !!!!
+Kennetha Wade Is your family involved in anyway or is it just yoy?
I smell an Oprah Winfrey special in your future. NOT KIDDING!
Just ME..I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters...none are into family genealogy. I was proud of the brother that submitted the dna, though..
+Kennetha Wade Hopefully you're also keeping track of the events and steps through each phase of this experience you're on! THAT, in and of itself, is worth Journaling.
+Kennetha Wade Eye meant the one you just used to find out this last bit of information 
+Pharaoh Taj-Muhal The dna analysis in through Family Tree DNA, who also now manages the African DNA analysis.

This letter was found on an Ancestry.com board.
Yes, I'm writing down the dates. Keeping ALL correspondence between me and the administrators, as well. 

A LOT of the emails, I've filed away so far, are on storage media, as well as my desktop.
Here is a link to the FOX DNA Project, where they mention an African American being part of their clan !!!

Haplogroup R-L47 Henry Fox/ Anne West Group

Another FOX RESEARCHER'S website:


Finally, a descendant of slaves living in Rutherford County, Tennessee, has been found to be a close match to known Henry Fox/Anne West descendants. Descendants of Andrew Fox of Culpepper, Virginia, lived in close proximity to this slave fam
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