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Kenneth Trent
Just another techie, author, and family guy.
Just another techie, author, and family guy.

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Who thinks this season is stressful?

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New Chrome Extension for Gruupz. Easy way to earn Amazon gift cards for doing your regular shopping and sharing with others.

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If anyone is able to help, I would appreciate it. My Angular app fails to load (white screen), and the best I can determine it looks like my Node server is only serving partial files.

Many thanks.

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If anyone feels inclined to help, I'm stumped on this. My Node server suddenly started serving only partial files, and now my Angular app doesn't load.

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Ugh, this is so true is sort of makes me sick. I really started liking JavaScript for a while, but the libraries are just way too much sometimes.


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Yep. Not pleasant. 

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Great work by +Tevya Washburn - love the the beauty and simplicity of what we're building, too. Honestly, you're already shopping on #amazon , amiright? You might as well earn some cash for doing it.

Monday's Suck, right? Not when you're working on cool projects like +Gruupz. I produced this video with Gruupz founder +Kenneth Trent to introduce this cool new service to all of you. Earn crowdsourced affiliate revenue without buying anything different than you already would. Just shop on #amazon and share your Gruupz link with other people. Signup here: and let me know what you think.

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Check this out. You can earn $ from #shopping on #amazon and spreading the word. Pretty awesome!

#shop #share #earn #gruupz

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Gotta love programmer humor. :)
If you ever wondered what the software for landing on the Moon looked like, it's now available on GitHub. Even if you can't read 1960s era assembly language, there's some amusing commentary in the code itself:


and some slightly worrying:

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