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All I can say is TGIF (and that more clicks makes it fun) ... NOT!

+Dustin W. Stout​ makes math fun!
Usability: Too. Many. Clicks.
Simple tasks should never be this cumbersome

Let me first say that overall, the aesthetic of the new +Google+ interface is beautiful. The move to Material Design is a welcomed change for me and being a web designer, I understand just how much time, intelligence, and long hours of development must have gone into this move.

With that said, there are some obvious problems with the interface, primarily in regards to usability and performing simple, common tasks.

Let's first look at the most basic task...

Creating and sharing a post on the New Google+
The following is an example of the workflow to create and share an image post...

The Old Workflow:
1. Click the Camera icon
2. Type your post since your curser is already there
2. Drag/drop your image(s) into the image area
3. Click in the To: field to type/select your destination (or tab once)
4. Use arrows to select from the list and hit Enter
5. Click the Share button (or use tab, and Enter)

5 steps, 3 clicks

The New Workflow
1. Click to initiate a new post (or use the 'c' shortcut if you're saavy)
2. Click the destination (previously the To: field)
3. Click See more because your intended Collection/Community/Circle(s) aren't in the pre-populated list
4. Click the Search input because you're not going to scroll through the entire list
5. Type your desired destination then Click it in the list (because using the arrows on your keyboard don't work to select from the list)
6. Click in the text area to type your message
7. Click the image icon because simply dragging and dropping images don't work anymore (or maybe just not yet)
8. Click to upload a photo (if it's not already in your list of files)
9. Navigate to and double-click your desired image file
10. Click the Post button (or tab 3 times and hit Enter)

10 steps, 10 clicks (unless you count the double-click as 2 clicks)

This is more than double the amount of work to accomplish the same task.

Resharing a Post (A piece of feedback I've already sent to Google)
The resharing experience has now become incredibly cumbersome. After the initial buzz that will be created from the redesign, user fatigue will likely creep in fast and I anticipate a HUGE drop in resharing activity.

It now takes roughly 8 clicks to reshare a post.

The previous reshare workflow:
1. Click the share icon
2. Type your post (since the cursor is automatically place where you need it to be)
3. Tab (or Click) to the To: field and type/choose where that post is shared
4. Click Share

4 steps, 3 clicks

The new reshare workflow:
1. Click share icon
2. Decide (and Click) where you want to share it (as if the choice is going to be something other than Google+ 99% of the time)
3. (Hopefully) realize that the pre-populated destination (formerly the To: field) isn't where you want it to go and thereby Click to choose a different destination.
4. Click See More because the destination you want is likely not pre-listed
5. Click Search because nobody wants to scroll through all their Collections, Communities, and circles.
6. Type the destination and Click it in the list
7. Click back into the text box
8. Type out your message
9. Click "Post" (or tab 3 times to get to the Post button)

9 steps, 8 clicks

There couldn't have been a single person in usability testing that thought that was in any way fluid, easy, or intuitive.

Order of Operations and Assisted Actions
In my opinion, most of the clunkiness of these new workflows could be avoided by simply paying attention to the order of operations. Placing the destination before all else causes some kinks in the workflow by not allowing users to simply start typing.

If I could engineer the process myself it would look very similar to the old method. Order of operation should be:

Typed content, attached content, destination, post

This is a Wide-Spread Problem

Many users are voicing an overall feeling of having too many clicks between them and accomplishing common actions. (Another example is GIFs:

Each click is a barrier to entry, and it seems like although simplification of the network was the overall goal, over complication of the engagement with the network has been the result.

I believe the team is listening, and I hope they hear this one loud and clear: Less clicks please!

#newgoogleplus #feedback #uiux
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I like the fact that I can follow others with just one click. Before it was like: "Is this your family member?" "Are you sure?" "If you're sure, click here." "Are you still sure, sure??" JK. You get the gist.

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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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On one of our days in Maui went to the famous Maui Blowhole (info below), I stopped the car to grab this shot on the road. The wind was blowing pretty hard and the cloud were moving fast. By the time we had got to Poelua Bay, the weather was great and the blowhole did not disappoint. 

In Hawaiian, Nakalele or Nā-kālele means "the leaning". The Point is known for its blowhole and has become notable for its dangerous conditions when waves crash in. The point and blowhole are located just east of Poelua Bay.

The point has seen several deaths, mostly tourists or people unfamiliar with the area. Those who have died have been too close to the blowhole and get sucked in by retreating water
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S way
Best place I've ever been was Maui, i want to move to the big island one day.
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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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If you were wondering where I was? I had unplugged for some time to invest in watching sunsets in Maui.

Glad I did, so how is you?
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+Trey Ratcliff​ thanks for the share my friend!

You are a true inspiration and after only one month of taking pictures I can say that I have been bitten by the bug.

Also love talking to you about your business at the after party. You are helping business owners see that you can turn your passion into a profitable business.
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Got an invite to go on +Trey Ratcliff​ photo walk through LA on Saturday. I am not a photographer, but have the utmost respect for those who are able to capture a picture that tells a story.

I do know that every door represents an opportunity, this photo I shot reminded me of how lucky and blessed I have been in my life too have very successful people show me how they did it.

#myphoto #worldphotographyday #treyusa #photowalk #photoday
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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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Here's your Friday's lesson on LEADERSHIP!

#TGIF   #leadership   #leadershipdevelopment   #leadershipskills  
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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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What it really takes to make it as an Entrepreneur! 

For all my fellow entrepreneurs ... don't ever, ever, ever, give up! You're a lot closer than you think!
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Thank you so much for this great video - it's a great interpretation of the goals that can be achieved - the old fashioned way; through sticking with it through good times and hard times. How the struggle is what comes before the win! Thank you for this wonderful piece of work! ~~~Nancy
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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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Another great sunset in Maui.

#maui #vacation #sunset 
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What happenned to my ticket +Kenneth Manesse Sr. ???
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Why all the shine objects about "REAL TIME" marketing?

It's because people want _________ !

If you give it to them, they may buy. Is giving "real time" right for your business?

h/t +Phil Bowyer +Theresa Delgado for making this all real!

#entrepreneur   #Marketing   #podcast  
The lastest from the minds of +Kenneth Manesse Sr., +Theresa Delgado and myself.  This show is actually a conversation that happened after the "real" show a couple of weeks ago.

We talked about why making yourself accessible is key to your success.

Don't forget to subscribe!
MicroMinutes Show
Why Access Is Key - Micro Minutes Show by MicroMinutes Show
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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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What I find inspiring is leaders who are able to stay focused amidst all of the distractions.

Had a great time +Trey Ratcliff​ on the LA photo walk. Take to time check out his work (with over 100 billion views here on G+, I'm sure you have already seen his work) lol

#treyusa #photowalkla #inspirational #leaders #entrepreneurs
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Kenneth Manesse Sr.

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This was me! I thought I was crazy, and thought, "I may need to be shipped off to a Treatment Center?" lol

Don't be like the old me!

h/t +Theresa Delgado​ ;-)

Business Not Moving Forward?
Maybe it's time to ... stop practicing your mistakes.

Feeling defeated in business and life pushes us further into our cycle of trying harder. You think to yourself, “I just need to try harder” becoming successful is difficult enough without this mentality we force upon ourselves. It sucks us into a cycle of “Try harder!”

In this 16-minute show +Kenneth Manesse Sr., +Phil Bowyer and I share how to start with the right mindset and with the right question!

#entrepreneur #startup #smallbusiness  
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LOL! +Kenneth Manesse Sr. ... it's ALL of us at one time or another. :) Thank you for sharing - T
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We told you it was coming ... what's your favorite Podcast Platform?

Do you like to have info streamed right into your ears? lol Maybe video is using up to much of your bandwidth? Don't worry, +Theresa Delgado +Phil Bowyer and I have you covered!

Welcome to the MICRO-Minutes Podcast! Make sure you subscribe!  

This weeks show learn how to start with the right mindset and with the right question! (hint: you'll scale faster if start with the right question.)

Learned to perfect what the 5% practice!

If you would like to watch? You can see it here:

iTunes (shown below):


h/t +Phil Bowyer and Booze Hound Productions for this!

#MICROminutes   #Smallbusiness   #SMB   #entrepreneur   #podcast  
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\o/ Business Insights on the Go!!
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"Of the small businesses that fail 90% due so because of a lack of "skill" and knowledge on the part of the owner." Dunn & Bradstreet Did yo

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