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Kenneth Longcrier (ChiefOdie)
Grey hair is hereditary... You get it from your children!
Grey hair is hereditary... You get it from your children!


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I'm at a loss! When my buddy had this mission rejected 3 times, I figured it was because he had submitted too many missions. After my 2nd rejection, I'm not so sure...

If +NIA Ops​ could provide a little hint at what I'm doing wrong, I can stop feeling crazy.


Crazy - Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result...
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For those going to the Anomaly, this might be of interest😇


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Yee Ha!

Don't forget to gear up for this one😇

Agents - mark your calendars. The next anomaly series, #Obsidian, is upon us. The following are the dates and locations of the XM Anomaly events. More information to follow...

Feb 27, 2016
Primary: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Satellite: Madrid, Spain
Satellite: Hamamatsu, Japan
Satellite: Seattle, WA, USA
Satellite: Milwaukee, WI, USA

April 2, 2016
Primary - Hong Kong
Satellite: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Primary: Vienna, Austria
Satellite: Copenhagen, Denmark

Primary: Orlando, FL, USA
Satellite: San Antonio, TX, USA
Satellite: Tucson, AZ, USA
Satellite: Mexico City, Mexico

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Don't forget to police those keys as you kill portals!
You can now earn 500 XM for each recycled key.  Do your part this weekend - recycle keys instead of dropping them on the field


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Now I get to just earn badges🐸

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What we've all been waiting for!
Another Badge!
Agents, we want to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support as Ingress turns 3 years old.  As a token of our gratitude, all Agents that reach Level 3 by midnight Pacific Time (PT) on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 will earn a special Vanguard Medal.  The Vanguard Medal will be awarded based on the following tiers:

Bronze Medal: Reach Level 3 and above
Silver Medal: Reach Level 9 and above
Gold Medal: Reach Level 13 and above
Platinum Medal: Reach Level 15 and above
Onyx Medal: Reach Level 16

Additionally, for the next two weeks (from November 17th to December 1st), each Portal action will generate double Action Points (AP).  For example, capture a Portal to earn 1,000 AP (instead of 500 AP). Actions count for leveling. 

Fluctuations in the Portal Network have caused the Hack output to be significantly boosted across the board as well.  

Share your favorite Ingress memories using the hashtag #IngressYearThree .  It’s time to Move, Agents.


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Twas fun sitting outside a church at 11pm!
Operation Cover Kitsap
+NIA Ops +Ingress 

Ever since I was invited to join the efforts of playing the regional fielding game I knew I had to cover my area. But it was bigger than that: most of my local faction members lacked MU stats. And to cover the Kitsap Peninsula, well, that was going to require backup.  I started drafting a plan.  Some time passed, and I gave up for a while. The Olympic Peninsula Enlightened know that they’re outnumbered -- but one way to turn those tables is pull the team together around something big.

I reached out to three super agents with my idea:@Ollietronic, Rockydream, and @HourHero. All three jumped on board without question. My goal: get the Kitsap/Oly crew some MU.  We knew were were still new, and we’d need some help to be successful. We immediately started recruiting and had a great response.

Thanks to the veteran agents for their support in dealing with what often felt like a difficult task.  It made it all that much more sweet when we succeeded.  A special thanks to LordVette for sacrificing his layer for the greater good.

We successfully flew 9 triangles. 8 Agents from this OP made the Top Agents list for NR13-Romeo-08

Stat Check:
Total MU Thrown: 1,944,000
Total MU to make Check: 648,000

Resistance Agent that took field at 23:50
@Manwithabeer on Whidbey Island




Honorable Mention Superstars

The Cleaning Crew:

The Throw Team:

@CaptainComet: Plat Illuminator & Level 15
@ChiefOdie: Gold Illuminator
@Cryogen97: Gold Illuminator & Level 12
@DrukenKlingon Gold Illuminator
@Wulffy Gold Illuminator

Special notes:
Only one security guard was swindled and one speeding ticket was issued.
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See, deploying all those link amps can be useful🐸


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Got my hack-a-day badge🐸
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