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IT Educator, Consultant and Podcaster
IT Educator, Consultant and Podcaster
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My childhood looked like this in my mind

Simon Stålenhag who I have been following online for some time has taken his art to +Kickstarter, and there he is kicking but! It seems like many love to get their hands on his evocative and timely 70's and 80's inspired imagery.

He might add some dinosaurs, robots or other technology, but that is how the world looked in my mind all along. And you must admit that he shows a remarkable sense for the mood and style of a Sweden long gone.

So what is this? It is not steampunk, wrong century. And it is not cyberpunk. What do we call this? Retro-futuristic? Does anyone have a genre name for it?

Anyway, it is awesome!

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Be there or be a pixel! 

Would not miss it for the world. This is the retro gaming convention of the year. And I must confess to be very interested in what new guests and events they have prepared at +Retrospelsmässan Göteborg.

Have a listen to one of my interviews from last year, over at Hacker Public Radio:

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How we converse with computers

UX (User eXperience) and user interfaces, the way we interact with computers, phones and other technology, is an area of science that has always fascinated me.

A couple of days ago I got my first device running Android. And one of the things I hate absolutely most with that interface is that you have to do so much and go to such lengths to simply shut down a program.  On the N9 and in Sailfish OS it is as easy as swiping from the top edge of the screen straight down. In Symbian you just use the [Back]-button.

But in Android the default is to just minimize the program. Extremely annoying. But captured well enough by the comic over on "Owl Turd" as linked below. Check it out. :-)

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Cliq on Kickstarter

The big "new" thing is crowd founding, and one of the largest facilitators of it is Kickstarter. There you can find a lot of cool stuff, like new albums from that band you like, technology you never knew could exist and things like that. But you do not buy them, even though they say you will get a reward, you are not buying it, you are investing. And any investment can go south.

But that said, Cliq is a cool thing. It was +Henrik Sonnergård who found it and tipped me. It is a way to get three new buttons on your phone. But only if you have one of a select few models, it has to have a specific version of Android and NFC as well.

Hardware short cut buttons on your phone is really useful, how this is a Kickstarter and not already a finished product surprised me. It is brilliant! Go and have a look at the videos, and let us hope they make their target. :-)

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If you have no interest in buying my car, do not mind this post. :-)

"Köp min bil!"

Det var så (om jag minns rätt) Galenskaparna och After Shave uttryckte sig i den påhittade reklamen i sin TV-serie "Tornado" en gång i tiden.

Detta är inte det jag normalt sett använder mig av sociala medier till, men som vanligt när det gäller annonser på Blocket så är all spridning bra.

Behöver ni en riktigt bra (nästan ny) bil till ett bra pris? Go for it!

#Blocket #Yaris #Bil #Göteborg  

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The time of top-ten-lists!

Many of us get really tired of them, since they have mostly become SEO bait and little more. Often they are not thought through or plainly wrong. But this one was really good. A retrospective of 2013, written by +Patrik Wallström at The Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden. 

What large events will keep on affecting us, and keep popping up in the news during 2014, and what do we remember most when we thing of 2013? This is a really great attempt to weed those stories out.

Have a look! And see if you agree.

#internet #top10list #twentythirteen  

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GamingGrannar on Hacker Public Radio 

Did you notice that I released a new show on HPR this week? This last Wednesday  you could hear an interview with Andreas "hiro" Karlsson from the Swedish video blog GamingGrannar, recorded at +Retrospelsmässan Göteborg 2013. 

Andreas tell us about what he appreciates in geek culture - primarily the retro game culture - and recommend that you all seek out your inner child and give it what it never got back in the day. Get that old Nintendo game that you never got, even tough you wanted it so badly. You might (most probably) find that it is really bad, but it will not cost you too much, and you will have had a great experience. 

So, in Andreas' word, "game, and have fun!" :-)

"Game and have fun!"

Did you notice that +Kenneth Frantzen released an episode on +hpr yesterday? In it you will hear the quote above, the collected wisdom of the Swedish gaming blog Gaming Grannar, as represented by hiro. :-)

If you recall episode 0023 of the All In IT Radio, +Henrik Sonnergård and Kenneth spoke of all the great conferences of the year. One of them that they mentioned was +Retrospelsmässan Göteborg, where Kenneth and hiro met. It is a wonderful energetic and interesting interview, that might give you some new things to spend your money on.

Listen to hiro from GamingGrannar, one of the largest gaming blogs in Sweden!

#GamingGrannar #Retrospelsmässan #hpr #Interview #AIITR

The image below is taken by +Kenneth Frantzen and are available under a CC BY-SA licence

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24 Ways to impress your friends

Since 2005 the blog 24 Ways has delivered well thought out and clever articles daily, in December only. They call it an "advent calendar for web geeks".

With ten years behind them they have gathered some of the greatest minds in web to write up interesting and to-the-point tips and practical advice, building an archive that holds it own even against giants as A List Apart and +Boagworld. Not that it is a competition, mind you, they all contribute to the better Internet we all share, and both +Jeffrey Zeldman and +Paul Boag, as well as +Anna Debenham and many others, have written excellent articles for 24 ways.

This is their tenth year, and they choose this opportunity to reinvent the design, bringing mobile UI elements to the desktop world, following all the latest trends and good practices, of course.

Have a read what Drew McLellan - the originator of the project - has to say about the history and redesign of 24 Ways on his blog.

In the image attached to this post you find the old design, which might spark a memory of recollection, if you have visited it before. But now there are new material, so go there, add the RSS-feed to your feed reader and enjoy 24 new ways to be impressed!

#webdesign #webdevelopment #inspiration #24Ways  

"24 ways" (CC BY 2.0) by smalloranges

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New Tech - The Future Technology & Science Show

Looks really interesting. +New-Tech Show is something to have a look at, if you can not get a ticket for +FSCONS. :-)

It is nice that we have a vibrant tech culture in Gothenburg, and that there can be so many tech events.

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That time of the year again...

Time for +FSCONS! With many interesting topics and tracks, this is something to look forward to. If you are anywhere near Gothenburg, you should really be there. You might still find some tickets, go and have a look!
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