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The best scene imo from +The Avengers , someone made a little teaser movie: Hulk Smash Loki: The Avengers Epic Battle (Silent Movie Parody)

If you haven't seen the movie, and plan to watch it, don't click the link (spoiler)
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Hey, I put a spoiler warning :) That original scene had me laughing hard in the cinema :)
Same bro it got a standing ovation at 12:01 in the morning LOL.
Ikr i stood up and cheered like i have never before!
one of the best parts of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it
Definitely one of the best scenes. Totally reminded me of cartoons from Saturday morning when I was growing up.
The whole theater was dying at this part. It killed me.
Loved it!. So unexpected and yet completely natural.
the year of the super hero call captain america
For me, this was the most funny part.. LOL
I was most likely filmed, but part of the last 30 minutes cut. Whedon's initial edit was three hours long and he had to really trim it down.
Thanks Ken and everyone for watching and sharing! Cheers!
That's the whole point there should not be an Ed hulk because he mastered that single task screenwrite
The screen play
-Is avenged &
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