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This is an actual building! The Ren Building in Shanghai.

So, cool. h/t to +Oddee which has more unique building structures:
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The way it emerges from the water is gorgeous. I'd love to visit. G+ HIRL to Shanghai!
it looks like an upside down y with circles inside as a decoration
Kenneth this post could easily make what's hot 
An Eiffel Tower imitation gone wrong?
This is the chinese character "人", which means "people".
It is a up down y like the alfa tower go paris
Fabulous! This is the sort of thing that should trend, daily, on top..
how was it made mannnnnn!!!!!!!!!
great architecture
wow, so amazingly beautiful
I believe the building is a proposed concept only. It has not been built (yet).
Looks amazing, can't wait to see it with my own eyes !
ya but latly they been puting pics of what there gonna do in the future not reall right now
it looks like a dancer's legs in a pose.
ya in the future he will be famous for when he builds it
Not sure I want to be in there during an earthquake. Beautiful tho.
Marvelous! Its really an architectural wonder!
Natta M
wahh! I never went to this place. Who can bring me here. hehe.
this is unusual but beautiful on the water
This is brilliant...:)
It almost looks like a bow with glass are there elevators never seen anything like, keep bringing the photos
i never knew there was a building so beauutiful
Is it famous ?? I haven't known it even a roumor ! 
Z mai
(⋈◍>◡<◍) Amazing ❣
Save you praises until its actually built. There are way too many concepts that never get built
never seen this building in Shanghai
I never saw in SH~
Where is it~?
mAi Hou
La tour Eiffel Chinoise !
Nice. I have to get there to see this.
wwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww ...
That's amazing, I can't what for the American Citizen to get their acts together!
For those who don't know Chinese, the shape of the building is the Chinese character for "people", pronounced as "ren".
Present day architects are successful in creating hard to maintain buildings and call them works of wonders. Only time has to tell for how long this will see the light.
They do have beautiful buildings there.
Computer Image. It's cool but does it physically exist?
+Kenneth Campbell I woke up to a bajillion alerts on my phone and my email inbox was full. I assumed something had happened and ... wow! Thx to everyone who shared and liked. I love this piece of architecture.

It'd be one heck of a workout too, ha! :D
Lol that does it you forced my hand #DeniseIsSnooki #KennethTwinklesTwilight
I like this pic because it shines bright like #KennethTwinklesTwilight yet at the same time reminds me that #DeniseIsSnooki
I say push them all toward trending to see whose we can push on top lol
Joking aside this is a nice find. Amazing architecture.


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