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If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough.
If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough.


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I was moved by this person's tiny house story; a single parent considering retirement in the future but without savings found a way to "make it work" and spends time as a part of a supportive community. In spite of much adversity, she built an exceptional tiny home that didn't sacrifice storage for clothing, "real" living room furniture, a great bathroom, and a spacious kitchen.

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The kind of tiny house you won't want to leave.

This tiny house is quite massive in both size and character. It offers ample storage, feels like a proper home without feeling overwhelming in the small size, bright, working kitchen for family cooking... a dream! I was shocked by the sale value -- pretty affordable for today's tiny house sales (and it is fully furnished!).

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This tiny house is quite a conversation piece. It is beautiful art both inside and out. Immaculate shower (though not personally a fan of the tile and grout in tiny house showers); bright kitchen; it' a cozy dwelling; and the exterior is jawdropping.

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I love the kitchen in this tiny house. Very practical and comfortable! It's a hit pricey, in my view, but was well designed and would make an ideal guest home or lakeside house. Would love to see this kitchen recreated on a more conservative budget.

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This couple reminds me of why and how the tiny house movement was started. The movement stemmed from necessity and from people who wanted to be economically (and environmentally) conscious. This tiny house features some beautiful reclaimed furniture, reclaimed accents, and is so beautifully styled.

This home is a real beauty and the couple says that the process of building it and living in it has made their relationship stronger.

What's the most appropriate LinkedIn "connect" etiquette?

A recruiter posted their experience about being barred (for 30 days) from adding new connection on LinkedIn that went viral. Their post gained a lot of valuable commentary from both recruiters and job-seekers.

Here's what happened, according to the recruiter: They were banned because they added too many connections who responded that they didn't know the recruiter. For the next 30 days, the recruiter will need to provide the email addresses their prospective connection requests.

Thoughts: I understand how important LinkedIn has become to the recruiting industry – it has transformed the entire sector. That being said, I also understand why LinkedIn may have imposed a temporary ban. In today's globalized and on-demand market (love it or hate it), we are often only as strong as our network. But, how we build and yield that network is important, too. Our connections aren't mere Rolodexes and six-degrees-of-data, but human beings who are entitled to respect.

It isn't difficult to add a new "connection" on LinkedIn. It takes only a click and voila. Unless, of course, the recipient has required users to provide an email or to list how they know each other.

If a recruiter is in the active process of recruiting, is it helpful to first send a message via InMail to establish an introduction and the recruiter's intentions? A simple message: "Hi, I work at Recruiting X and we're on the look out for candidates for X-job for an x-type company. Would like to connect and hear more about your interests. Are you open to chat via phone later this week?"

Instead, a lot of recruiters–and others, for that matter–add new connections without ever once corresponding with them. And, ultimately use these contacts to mine data and expand their Rolodex or simply use their connections to see their connections' profiles. (Bringing "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to a whole new level.) How many times have you received a marketing email in your regular email inbox from a LinkedIn connection? It happens very often.

There's a difference between digital networking and online recruiting – and using folks' data and connections to expand a portfolio. In some cases, it is easy to understand LinkedIn's concern that many users abuse the "connect" privilege.

Remedying the concerns: LinkedIn can remedy some of these concerns with a few simple steps:
allow users to block unsolicited requests from recruiters and vendors – some people genuinely seek only to connect with colleagues and peers
establish an appeals forum for recruiters whose profiles were wrongfully banned (after all, they're only trying to do their job---LinkedIn can and should use their feedback and concerns, since recruiters help keep the site attractive to job searchers)
allow recruiters to add connections for their recruiting purposes and personal purposes (give them a button "Personal Connect"/"Recruiting Connection) so as to help recruiters identify whether they're adding a connection for either purpose
expand recruiters' access to LinkedIn Mail and messaging (and allow users to grant recruiters access to an email address outside of the LinkedIn platform)
set new "connect" buttons for recruiters (change the color of the "connect" button on profiles for users who do not want to receive messages/requests from recruiters)
establish a 14 day connection button that allows recruiters to connect to users for 14 days to initiate a conversation and explore whether they can/will pursue a professional relationship. (Is that enough time to determine if it's a good fit?)

I am interested in learning more about recruiters' perspective here – after all, there are demands and thought processes that go into their work that non-HR professionals don't think about. #LinkedIn #Talent #Recruiting #Management #JobHunting

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Beautiful tiny home here and exceptional walk through. I've never seen one with a large Japanese soaking tub or an electric fireplace quite like this. I would install a few more colorful accents and/or throw in some different paint (warm or light browns, reds, burgundy to trim) to give it some flair.

I'm in awe. That being said, this house has got to weigh a ton and is more of a permanent fixture rather than a portable tiny house. Beautiful in any case.

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This tiny house has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, ample storage/pantry/closet space, and a decent-sized kitchen

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Check out my piece in +AlterNet!

A look at New York's largest charter school network's board reveals some disconcerting behavior. Our nation's communities deserve better than "leaders" like Success Academy Charter Schools, Inc.
#education #edupolicy #policy #NewYork #NYC

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TV series 'Fortitude' Is the best show you've never heard of

Fortitude is by far, one of the best series I've ever seen. I finished seasons 1 and 2 a few weeks ago and I find myself still telling everyone about thee ensemble and performances.

There's an even balance of well-known theater performers, niche artists, newcomers and big names to sell the show – and, wow – they make magic together. They have pulled some of the best talent from the UK, Norway, Ireland, US, and more.

Beyond the superb casting and performances, the scripts are beautifully composed, and the editing and mixing are a delight. I hope there there'll be a season 3! #Fortitude

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