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If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough.
If your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough.

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Dirty money has just bought the 2nd largest school district in the USA

Trump's new America: where charter school funders spend more money on school board campaign than the Los Angeles mayoral campaign

Fewer than 3/10 voters turned out to vote in the LAUSD school board races this week. But, charter school campaigners, who siphoned in millions of dollars from outside of California, used that to their advantage – and they won. Meanwhile, civil rights organizations like the NAACP and others call for a moratorium and cessation of charter school expansion across the US due to their lack of transparency, allegations of abuse, over-politicization of education, charters' manipulative tactic of buying politicians, their exploitation of children of color, and their goal to undermine a fundamental promise: public education. #education

America's health care fiasco is dark and depressing
a description for those unfamiliar

This latest health care debacle in the US has left Americans and our economy even more confused about the future of our health care system. And, that's pretty darn pathetic. It's not just a dark cloud on Republicans, but a dark cloud on Democrats as well.

In New York State, for example, even with the ACA aka Obamacare, it remains almost too costly to obtain and maintain health care. That's pathetic. We can and we must do more to invest in the welfare of our communities. Strong and healthy communities = a strong and healthy economy.

New York offers very "affordable" basic health care plans, some which offer no-cost or low-cost premiums (contribution by consumer each month). These private insurance costs are subsidized by the government. In exchange, the consumer may visit a doctor or a hospital. However, the consumer (patient) is still expected to pay a portion of their health care. For instance, under some of the most "affordable" plans in New York, one might pay $60/month for their insurance. However, if they visit a doctor or a specialist or the hospital or even get prescription drugs, they will likely have to pay for that, too--out of their own pocket--until they have paid up to $7,500 for their deductible. How many people have several thousand dollars available to pay for a deductible? (Families should expect to pay a $10,000 deductible(!!!!!!).)

The ACA/Obamacare worked to lower and cap the cost of deductibles, but still–it doesn't do enough. It's a GREAT starting point, however, it seems Republicans are unlikely to support any measures which ensure every American has health full health insurance that is genuinely affordable and provides the care that we all need. What good is "access" or "affordable" health care if it isn't, in fact, affordable, and if people can't pay the deductible to use it? Essentially, private insurance companies receive hefty government subsidies and monthly premiums from consumers when the consumers can't even take advantage of the insurance. This makes absolutely zero sense. No, the path isn't to repeal the ACA, but work on some of its major successes: health insurance through parents up to age 26, capping the cost of deductibles, requiring employers to cover birth control, lowering consumer treatment costs for cancer and other disease, making dental and vision care more affordable and accessible to middle class and low income families, and forcing private insurance companies to be more straightforward with their customers. There's a very LONG way to go, but we need to have substantive conversation--less politics and more substance.

Our neighbors and friends and family are literally dying because they cannot afford insurance. It is devastating and pathetic. Where politics are concerned, it doesn't get much more "real" than this.

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Some Freddie Mercury + Xmas cheer to get through the end of this rainy, grey week...

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700,000 People May Lose Healthcare Coverage Immediately, Call Congress NOW

Trump will not walk away until the Republican-controlled Congress passes a healthcare law with his name on it. According to the Center for American Progress, if the president and Paul Ryan do not decide to throw in funding for ACA payments 700,000 Americans will lose their healthcare coverage immediately. This is a sad, sad day in American history.

Weeks ago, the president's #TrumpCare didn't have 20+ votes it needed because it wasn't conservative enough --- this new proposal needs only 4-5 more Republicans to support it. It looks more likely every hour.


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Thoughts: Poll finds that 67% of Americans think the Democratic Party is out of touch.

Most Americans supported the Democratic Party's platform when they voted for president in November. While the poll is disappointing, it isn't entirely shocking. Not at all surprised that voters are displeased with the party that lost the presidential election. Presumably, voters want Democrats to win, fight back harder and speak truth to power. And, quite frankly, the DNC has been pretty quiet in recent months. And, to be fair, at times, understandably so.

The fact remains that most favor Democratic policies instead of those offered by Republicans. More Americans support Democrats' policies at face-value than they do when it comes to Republicans' policies that do more to weaken the middle class than strengthen it.

People are hurting. The consequences of our neighbors voting for Donald Trump in November are tangible. People feel less safe, less confident in the federal government's ability to be straightforward (Trump and his aides' comments counter what the US military and our allies say) and interested in the welfare of the majority.

So, while the poll is disappointing, it is sobering. Democrats have a lot of work to do in speaking truth to power and creating an internal culture at its HQ in Washington that Americans can stand behind. The Democratic Party must invest more time in issues than it does on candidates. People err and people fail – but our ideas remain. 

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Can We Talk About LONDON SPY?

I just watched the BBC 2015 series LONDON SPY. It's only 5 episodes (and the show has been tabled at BBC -- not renewed, not canceled). It is a solid 10/10 on all marks: casting, performance, writing, direction, editing, location, set design.

The series revolves around the life of a man who falls in a love with a stranger, who he later discovers was a genius and a British government spy, who had uncovered major secrets that threatened the interests of major players in the international community. He is framed for his partner's murder, though he is supported along the way by his best friend, his best friend's close friends, and later, his late partner's family.

I have been a big fan of Ben Whishaw since I saw his performance in LGBT hit Lilting. He exceeds expectations in every episode. His emotion easily becomes the audience's. He connects so deeply to his character that it is hard to look away.

The series also stars Edward Holcroft, Jim Broadbent, Harriet Walter, and Charlotte Rampling.

The final 10 minutes of the series, features a raw conversation between Whishaw and Rampling's characters, deserves substantial praise. It is so authentic and so original. I wish that the BBC will one day produce a series 2, if only to tie up the loose ends and show viewers what happened.

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Why President Trump's new #TrumpCare plan is disgusting!

- 130 million Americans have a pre-existing condition – Trump wants to allow insurance companies to charge those people more money (often prohibiting them from getting insurance altogether)

- his plan would remove essential health benefits (like prescription drugs, maternity care, birth control, etc.)

- his plan moves to reduce subsidies that enable people to buy their own health insurance at more affordable/discounted rates--otherwise, they can't buy it.

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Congress is still in recess. And, with just a few days until the US government is forced to shutdown, Congressional Republicans are going to hold a conference call from their homes tonight to decide how to repeal President Obama's Affordable Care Act–in the dark of the night and away from the public.

Congressional Republicans: shame on you!

President Trump last week said that he would hold the government hostage until Congress repeals the #ACA, despite the idea failing just weeks ago. He said that tax reform and other major reforms won't happen until he can strip health care away from millions of people and make cuts to programs that American families need to survive.

#AffordableCareAct #ObamaCare

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Hopefully, on her birthday today, Her Majesty's Government grants her this wish: Donald Trump is not allowed to parade down The Mall in her gold chariot, as his team has requested.

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Love one another. #hhny
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