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  • University of Maryland Baltimore County
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Endlessly Seeking Improvement
The most important thing that you should be know about me is that I love Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It's that simple.

For that reason, I created BJJ Canvas. It's an expression of that passion with a focus on a simple idea.

I'll explain it real quick.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is something that you can take and create your own expression of it. If you understand the concepts and you develop the movements, you can create a style that is uniquely your own.

I'm just loving the process.
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Black Belt Learning Strategies and Advice: Josh Vogel

An interview with Josh Vogel on how he learns as a student and teaches as an instructor of Jiu-jitsu.

Making the No-Gi Ezekiel Choke Effective

The ezekiel choke has been one of the strongest tools in my arsenal for many years, and this post focuses on my unique approach to it.

A New Way to Look at the Near Arm for Control and Passing

Controlling the near arm is the facet of several passing and control technique, but have you ever thought about how significant it is.

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3 Concepts to Focus on When Passing Half Guard

If you understand the concept of technique, you can modify it to increase effectiveness, and here are a few for passing half guard.

3 Concepts to Focus on When Passing Half Guard

If you understand the concept of technique, you can modify it to increase effectiveness, and here are a few for passing half guard.

Debate on What Defines an Advanced Technique

Is there are such thing as basic and advanced technique in Jiu-jitsu? That's the question that this debate focuses on.

Structuring a Curriculum for Competitors Versus the General Public

I was asked a very specific question about curriculums, so I spent some time thinking about it. This was the result.

I Don't Consider This a Radical Change in Focus

Just a little shift in focus can have all kinds of effects. It would be interesting to see what effects will come out of this little change.

The Frank Cucci Seminar at Evolve Academy

This is a quick overview of an interesting lesson learned from the recent Frank Cucci seminar at Evolve Academy. Apply it in your own unique

It's Not That Hard to Do The Right Thing

This is just about a simple guideline that was applied at a corporate level. I want to show how to apply it elsewhere. Do the right thing an

Check Out BJJ Finder, It's a Valuable Resource

BJJ Finder is one resource that you should definitely check out. Having one place to find BJJ anywhere can definitely save you a lot of time

Who Ever Said that Excuses were a Good Thing

The danger of excuses is often reinforced, but it can't be reinforced enough. Consistent effort is required to avoid the siren's call of an

What Are The True Basics of the Half Guard? - BJJ Canvas

The beauty of Jiu-jitsu is that you can find multiple paths toward the same outcome. So the true basics of a position for me may not be your

My Thoughts on the Double Guard Pull Game - BJJ Canvas

I recently saw Saulo Ribeiro's video on the double guard pull game in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It's quite interesting, and it inspired me to thi

Organic Translations of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Articles

Another project that will be worked on here at BJJ Canvas. The focus on finding and translating BJJ content that isn't widely available in E

The Indiana Jones Half Guard Sweep

Translation of Aprenda Jiu-jitsu's article on the Indiana Jones Half Guard sweep. The technique is quite interesting. Check it out.

Focus on the Seeds that You Plant

Concepts, concepts, concepts. How do you apply them? What seeds will you plant? Your choice of focus can have a significant effect on the ha

Abu Dhabi World Pro 2013 Trials – Second Attempt

I want to go back to Abu Dhabi, and this is a recount of one of my attempts to achieve that goal. It's long, you've been warned.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

I spent some serious time thinking about what Brazilian Jiu-jitsu really means to me. Hopefully this stream of thought will help you as well