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Kennedy Otieno
The Answer is 42.
The Answer is 42.

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Simple #webrtc demo with #passport #js auth

Simple #WebRTC demo with Passport Authentication

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Ola a todos vejam o novo post sobre como utilizar a nova DataBinding Library e reduzir a quantidade de código necessária para ligar a UI com a lógica da aplicação.

Hi all, check out my new post on how to get started with the DataBindingLibrary in order to reduce the glue code needed to bind UI with app logic..

Have Fun :)
#androidDev   #androidDevSSA  

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#JQuery  password strengthchecker

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Kennedy Otieno commented on a post on Blogger.
Things get cloudy from this part: for(int i=0;i map = new HashMap();
map.put("MemberID", c.getString("MemberID"));
map.put("Name", c.getString("Name"));
map.put("Tel", c.getString("Tel"));
SimpleAdapter sAdapter;
sAdapter = new SimpleAdapter(MainActivity.this, myArrayList, R.layout.activity_column,
new String[]{"MemberID","Name","Tel"}, new int[]{,,});
final AlertDialog.Builder viewdetail = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
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