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Please read this, ya heckin' mutts.

Hi hello there welcome to my page

On this page you'll find:
My art
My opinions/rants
Danganronpa stuff
Smash(melee and 4)
Just regular posts
Also moomoos

Listen, if you're gonna be a cunt to me or anyone else here just get ready to be called out, whether I'm throwing shade or literally tagging you in the post. You've been warned

My closest friends here:
+Pizza Joe​​​​
+guanglai kangyi​​​​
+I'll think of a better username tomorrow​​​​
+Gamer Mommy​​​
+Kesh ケシュ​​​​
+Shulk Central​​​​

I considers all others I didn't tag as friends too, just know if I follow you back I consider you one? We cool? Aight cool
Follow +The Boy™​ in case something happens to this account

Have a good day, dum babies
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Magicbarf (Kenny)

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jfc this took me almost four hours to make
here you go +Heinouz Anuz 
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Oh yeah fun fact: I use to draw my characters without necks and ears
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I'm now finished with 45% of the drawing
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+X Lᴇɢᴇɴᴅ Like I said
In order to accomplish his famous forward lean, Michael Jackson invented a special shoe that had a slotted heel which slid onto bolts that protruded from the floor, essentially creating a dovetail joint between the dancer and the stage.
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Reposting because fuck you
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almost everywhere on youtube
minus the translation they don't have the full game translated yet
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can I join


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I've never seen so much self fellatio before
Also why is he making it sound as if this is some type of anime prologue or some shit lmao
It especially seems that way in the last paragraph 
For anyone who needs it, Bluu's full rant.

Everything that is happening is the result of a multiple chain of events that I am part responsible for. G+ was actually becoming more friendly at one point. Less drama, less issues, less hate. Drama was being seen as a sin and everything was pretty much ok. This actually does not start back when me and Alex got into drama. It actually dates back to 2015! There was a user named Vivian. A transsexual attention whore with a "superiority complex" and a god awful attitude. You know how the Vivian drama went down, right? She was mocked, laughed at and hated for it's actions. Vivian harmed people. It's personality is a disease that is worse than any. It's dickriders attacked everyone who questioned or critisized. Vivian is actually talentless. All it can do is post memes.

That's all. When Vivian left G+, everything was fine. But then, around the late summer of 2016, she came back. Vivian is pretty smart. It looks for people who have a large amount of influence. And guess who was the most influential person in G+ is August? Abtin. Abtin adored me. Abtin respected me. Abtin listened to my advice. I made him famous again for reviving the meme. He reshared a my edits and everyone loved me and him. I'm aware Vivian saw this. It saw that Abtin was loving me and calling me a "god" and everyone thought the same. Here comes my first biggest mistake! The creation of Abtin png Bundle 1. My biggest mistake that help destroy G+. I gave Vivian the toolts it need to grab Abtin's attention. With that, Vivian was able to manipulate Abtin. Though, at the time, Abtin still listened and respected me. He was still obsesssed with me. Now comes my second biggest mistake! The drama with Alex over a misconception. You know what went dwon. Even though me and Alex made up, I actually ended up receiving a lot of damage to my reputation. Abtin lost care towards me, Kenny lost care towards me, Derek, Felicity and a whole lot more. This made it easier for Vivian to grab Abtin. Believe it or not, I WAS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL FIGURE ON GOOGLE+.

If I got upset, everyone will listen to me. Now, I lost that position. Not only it made it easier for Vivian to grow, but also Bee's Kness, FeFe and all the ironic memers to grow. After December 5, Shulk got his account taken from his dad. Shulk was just as powerful as me. Quote, Abtin, Scheepy, Alex, Shalk and a whole lot of the current ironic memers listen to Shulk. Shulk was the true enforcer of Google+. If something went wrong, he would call it out and everyone would agree with him and stop anyone who tried to go against him. Also around December, Capitalism Ho! took a break from G+ to focus on his goals. Cappy was also an influential figure and is the most respected positive influence of Google+. After he went, Vivian, Fefe, Bee's Kness and all the ironic memers influences grew bigger and bigger. And now comes my third buggest mistake. The blocking spree I had because of my hate towards Fefe. Fefe actually had more power than me at the time. It was a dumb mistake. I official lost my influence and positive figure many of that side. And now, look what we have. Everyone is an asshole. Everyone gangs up on people. You can simply post memes and become popular. Everyone is worshiping a bad influence.
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+Mike what
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+fisj stop fake +1'ing my shit you crab
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He does the same thing to me 👺
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Magicbarf (Kenny)

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I've gotten drawing arms down, I've gotten drawing boobs down, I've even gotten drawing hands down, but for the love of god I can barely draw a damn leg
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+Jc aka Pikman not hard to draw when they're covered up :^)
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I remember when +Pink Lemonade​ blocked me for five minutes 
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Magicbarf (Kenny)

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Yo mah profile:

Name: LG the hedgehog


Likes: Music, games, light blue, friends and help people

Dislikes: the eggman empire, mephiles, grtting bored, mean people

Powers: fly, teleportation, time manipulation, mental powers, fire, fire crystal and more....

Weapons: fire crystal blades (created whit powers)
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Yet he's quick enough to call other people cringeworthy 
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