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Awesome commentary from piers

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Wow... Apple's smartwatch collection will range in price from $349 to $17,000 depending on the metals they are made from and the straps they are bought with.

And the $349 one is the budget edition. The 'mid-range' version is $549!


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Free $$$
Hope you've all got your hands on this deal. Free £3 of credit to spend on Google Play. To get it simply head over to the link below and follow the instructions.

You need a PayPal account as a payment method on your Google Play account as this will be where the credit is saved.

I've only just seen the offer pop up where I am and the credit will come in handy for a movie rental to help my plane journey home go that little bit quicker in a few days.

#Android #PayPal

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Haha! Don't worry.. The bird escaped. 

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They call it Cat Island. The Japanese fishing community where cats outnumber people by more than five to one. 

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Imagine a world in which every single human being on the planet has equal access to the sum of all human knowledge. 
This is Wikipedia Zero.

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Awesome new 3 series motorsport. #bmw
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Window washers hiding from the five oh. Spot them behind the two trees. 

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Yikes. Cool.
Ants working in harmony create a daisy chain to pull dinner home.
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