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Thank you +Christopher Lira for the circle whoring! To everyone adding me, hello! There are more adds coming in than I can circle you back but I am doing my best.
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Circle Whoring? Isn't that a bit harsh? (Depending on your personal position on whoring in general...)
Mayb im getting old but what is circle whoring?
+Kendra DeVall I don't add everyone back. What I do is one of a couple things. 1. Wait for some interaction from people 2. Look through profiles for interesting posts.

I circled you back after you added me due to the fact that you actually have a profile and actually post. There are many that don't and won't engage otherwise.
+Jared Hundrup I do the same for the most part. I circle some without interaction if their posts are of interest. I try to make sure my stream is going to be filled with more than just gifs and nudity. Once in a while I will add a very large circle and take my chances. I have found so far there are more interesting people gained this way than trolls. Trolls are easily uncircled or blocked.
I am definitely a troll...ha...(not really)
It's all in good fun +Melanie Aylsworth . I just add the shared circle and that takes care of the majority of them. Easier to weed out the few miscreants than to add them all back one at a time.
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