Try Kendo UI Q1 2012 Beta!

On Feb 29th we pushed the official beta of our upcoming Q1 2012 Kendo UI release. This release contains previews of much (but not all) of what you’ll find in the upcoming March release bits, and it’s your chance to get hands-on with the next wave of Kendo UI and provide your feedback while there’s still time to make changes.

The Q1 2012 Kendo UI release is going to be EPIC. Not only does it represent the official release of Kendo UI Mobile, but it will also include big additions to Kendo UI Web and DataViz. As a result, this beta release is EPIC, and there’s a ton of new stuff going on.

Download your copy of the Kendo UI Q1 2012 beta now and let us know what you think! What do you like most?
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