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This is amazing. Almost as good as the "We Didn't Start the Fire" flowchart. :)
Resharing this coz' this is fun! :D

For err...the young 'uns, here's the song

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Official Music Video)
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This is why flow charts were invented.  Not because someone wants yet another network diagram to file away and never look at.
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Kendall Jung

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Really good overview of +13th Age -- and some good thoughts about how you get out of a system what you bring to it.
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Kendall Jung

Gameplay Resources  - 
Anyone around tonight who would like to critique a new character sheet layout idea?
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I like that layout better than the earlier one.  cleaner and easier to find things.
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Kendall Jung

Magic Items  - 
New Magic Item from

Maul of Spotlessness

During the 11th Age, the reigning Dwarf King known as "Fricto the Unreasonably Picky" comissioned a great weapon that not only would strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, but would keep his armor from being splattered by the gore of said enemies being crushed. This is a case of people being careful what they wish for.

Attack / Damage Bonus: +1 / +2 / +3 per tier.

It Puts the Lotion on the Skin: (Daily) After scoring a critical hit, you can spend a recovery as a free action.

It Gets the Hose Again:  (1/Battle) Use a quick action to quickly clean wielder and a 5' circle around him of all dust, dirt, blood, and signs of battle. (This does not help with fatigue, damage, etc.)

Quirk: Despises being dirty and is distrustful of anything filthy.
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For the West Michigan peeps, my gaming group and I have started up a MeetUp for West Michigan gamers. Eventually we're hoping to hold gamedays a few times a year, but for right now you can just use it to find local gamers in West Michigan.
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Feel free to share this in the Grand Rapids Gaming (Tabletop) community too.
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Kendall Jung

Actual Play  - 
Player happiness: When the wizard (+Tim Gray ) casts a 5th level Evocated Fireball recklessly and he rolls a nat 20 for the attack on 5 attackers..

In a library.


(Yes I know he should have rolled his attack on each of the 5 targets, but damn if it wasn't truly epic to see that go off. :))
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Just realize that if you'd have rolled a 1 you would have TPKed yourself. :)
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Kendall Jung

Gameplay Resources  - 
It. Is. Finished. The Pre-Gen Community Project (v1.0) is FINISHED!

tl;dr verison: The result can be found here:  -- One zip file for each class, containing a character from level 1 to level 10. (An example screenshot is attached too.)

Long Version:
Last year at GenCon, I was talking to +Wade Rockett and he mentioned how cool it would be if anyone could just grab a pre-generated character of an class, of any level, and just sit down and play.  Right around that time is when I had started as a place for people to put stuff, so I said to Wade: "Let the community help!"

So I turned to all of you guys. And many of you stepped up to help. Some names of note:

+Jeremy Whalen 
+Lawrence Augustine Mingoa 
+Kirt Dankmyer 
+Porter Williams 
+Roland Bruno 

Just to name a few. (If I missed your name, sorry! These were the folks who's work I used and wrote down.) These folks pulled together and gave me pre-generated stats I could use to create this library of Pre-Generated awesomeness.

The only downside was RL got in my way - and prevented me from doing the layout work that needed done. Then I couldn't settle on a layout I liked that seemed simple and easy to use and understand, but could fit even a 10th level Wizard's powers on one page. I ended up taking a page out of +Sarah Miller and +Ben Roby's  book and used OmniGraffle for OSX to do the layout.

I hope you all enjoy these much more than I did making them. ;-) And if you see any errors, please let me know and I can regenerate them.
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+Kendall Jung Blank is fine. Thank you!
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Have to share this because I'm proud of my brother and his photography skills.
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Some amazing pictures... going to take a while browsing his albums!
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Kendall Jung

Michigan  - 
First up on our plate is a run of +13th Age on Saturday, April 19th.

_Follow a clan of thieving kobolds from the treacherous Blood Wood to the hazardous dungeon isle of Omen to retrieve the fabled Darkskye Diamond! _

Level 3 characters provided, rules will be taught.

Please RSVP at the MeetUp.
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Kendall Jung

General Discussion  - 
I am going to get a bad reputation. My player's characters keep dying. :)

Last night I started our group through a 13th Age version of Castle Greyhawk. I redid the first level so it would be easy as hell against level 5 adventurers, except for one encounter that should be a match for them.

So the players go blasting and murdering their merry way through it all - killing even the saddest, most gentle Eye of the Shallows the world has seen (poor Howard!) until they find a room with a large pool and playful dolphins.

So NOW the most murder-hobo of them all decides to drop his Bundy-esque paranoia and go swimming with the dolphins in order to scoop up all the silver coins lying in the bottom of the pool.

...and the Killer Dolphins attacked! 

3 of them swarmed the poor sorcerer, staggering him in the first surprise round. The Paladin - in heavy armor - didn't want to jump into the deep pool and possibly drown, so he hit his ally with a cast-for-power Mighty Healing that took him out of immediate danger.

The sorcerer flailed helplessly as the dolphins came back around - one missing a thrashing leg, but the other making up for it as it critically hit the poor guy - knocking him unconscious.

Which wasn't deadly in and of itself, but then the mage - going berserk with rage at seeing the blood staining the waters - cast an empowered lightning bolt at all three dolphins.. even after being warned that it would (in the water) act more like a fireball and could hurt his friend.

He critically hit. 200 points of damage to all 4 targets.

And another PC falls....
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What 200 points of electrical damage to 4 targets... well technically 3 desired targets and one innocent.... well not really that innocent....  member of the party that was still carrying around body parts from the last fallen friend?

I wanted to give him a proper burial..  you did hear me say, "loot the body"
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If you have interest in any of these areas, feel free to circle me and let me know where I should put you, circle-wise.

I also have stairs in my house. Just thought you should know that.
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Simply the best food in Grand Rapids. Chef Spencer is a mad genius who will come up with unique and (most importantly) tasty dishes at the drop of a hat. The food is well priced and plentiful, the staff friendly.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Excellent food, and good pricing. Our crew eats there every week or two because it's so tasty.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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Amazing tasting food, generous portions, and awesome service combine to make this small eatery the finest Grand Rapids has to offer for breakfast.
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A bit pricey, but a nice, authentic feel.
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8 reviews
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