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Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson

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Latest Joy of (other people's) Code:

Let's use a JSON library to parse a string, extract a couple of fields, then forget we ever parsed it and instead use some wonky text splitting method that will have Little Bobby Tables rolling in his grave to get the array in the third field.
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Is it still April 1st? Comic Sans v2.0 launches.
The much-maligned Comic Sans typeface gets an overdue remake, rendering it suitable for general consumption.
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Much of the criticism of Comic Sans does come from it being a badly designed typeface, not from the style itself (inappropriate use in international science conferences notwithstanding).
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Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson

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A bit too in-jokey for a comment, so I'll share with:

Whereas my first thought is "Is there a new Just Be Cause column out?"
Whenever I see a paper use a word such as "recrementitious", my first thought is "Somebody made a bet they could work it into a published text".
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I like how you can attach a keyboard (wot, no Bluetooth?) to drive the finger.
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Whales in spaaaaaaaace! Well, not actually, but there seems to be a persistent rumour that Hubble runs on sperm whale juice.
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I would very much like to see that juice press.
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Meanwhile, at an  ATM in downtown Pyongyang...
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410,000 yen or so and you'll have your very own hand-built smartphone!
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Mmm, Kit-Kat and mango pizza! No, not an early April Fool.
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