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Ken Watson
Houston (Cypress), Texas Social Media Marketing Consulting
Houston (Cypress), Texas Social Media Marketing Consulting
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🆕New Blog Post🆕
Howdy Folks,
I have a brand spanking new WatsonKS Blog Post for y'all, just in time before going into full holiday vacation shutdown mode.
The new blog post is a round up of December Instagram updates, and boy has there been a few major ones! i.e. Instagram Live!
🌟 Also be sure to catch my tip on how to title your Instagram Live broadcasts. 🌟

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#ChatGram Recap from July 4, 2017, Instagram Shadow Banning with guest Jenn Herman (Jenn's Trends).
"ChatGram, The Only #TwitterChat About #Instagram"
Q1: What are hashtags and how do they work with Instagram posts?
Q2: Are all posts visible in Instagram Tag search?
Q3: What is the Instagram Algorithm?
Q4: Are there things we should be aware of with hashtags and the algorithm? Conflicts?
Q5: Now let’s start getting into it, what is shadow banning?
Q6: In your blog post you mentioned a few theories on what’s behind the whole shadow banning, can highlight them for us?
Q7: Do you think the lack of response and sometimes the secretiveness of Instagram/Facebook is helping drive the shadow banning conspiracy?
Q8: If we have post underperforming, before jumping to conclusion we are being shadowbanned, what should do, look at, and examine?
Q9: So with everything you have said, is there some type of “shadow banning” going on? Or is jury still out?

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#ChatGram Recap from June 27, 2017, Nonprofits on Instagram with guest Kristyna Torres-Cruz (PR_Kristyna).
"ChatGram, The Only #TwitterChat About #Instagram"
Q1: Should nonprofits be using Instagram?
Q2: How can nonprofits use Instagram with limited budget and resources?
Q3: Is user generated content a good way to get around the limited budget and resources issue?
Q4: What are great examples of nonprofit Instagram accounts getting it right?
Q5: How can nonprofits tell/share their story on Instagram without coming across needy or asking for money?
Q6: How can nonprofits take advantage of Instagram Stories?
Q7: How can nonprofits use Instagram to inspire their community/supporters to take action?
Q8: What are some things nonprofits are getting wrong on Instagram?
Q9: Are there tools you recommend for nonprofits to use on Instagram?

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#ChatGram Recap from June 20, 2017, Productivity on Instagram.
ChatGram, The Only #TwitterChat About #Instagram

Q1: Who is looking for ways to be more productive on Instagram? And in what ways?
Q2: Do you have plan to maximize the most out of your time while checking in on Instagram? What is it?
Q3: Do you plan your content out, or do keep the Insta part and post on the fly?
Q4: For you content planners, do you use tools to plan and map out your content to be more productive?
Q5: Do you use content schedulers and management tools?
Q6: Creating content, do you use editing tools/apps?
Q7: What are some things you do to be more productive on Instagram that hasn’t been talked about?
Q8: Do you find limiting your time to certain parts of the day to check in on Instagram helps or hurts?
Q9: In the name of productivity, what is one item you see accounts getting wrong on Instagram?

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#ChatGram Recap from June 13, 2017 Being Authentic on Instagram
Q1: What does being authentic on Instagram mean to you?
Q2: Do you find it hard or struggle at times being authentic on Instagram? Why?
Q3: Do you have a strategy in place to be authentic on Instagram? If so, what is it?
Q4: How do you know if an account is being authentic on Instagram? If it's not, what's the give away?
Q5: Is there an instant tell if an account is being authentic or not on Instagram? What is it?
Q6: Are hashtags an indicator if someone is being authentic or not?
Q7: Can you be authentic on Instagram when using stock photos and graphics?
Q8: If an account uses , formulaic responses, does that hurt their authenticity?
Q9: What is one thing an Instagram account can do to be more authentic?

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#ChatGram, The Only Twitter Chat About Instagram
Officially launched June 6th. Will be every Tuesday at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT

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New Blog Post
"Instagram Algorithm, My First Week Observations"

In this blog post I talk about the observation I noticed with my first week on it.

#Instagram #InstagramAlgorithm #InstagramTips #SocialMedia

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#HappyEaster everyone, looks like the #EasterBunny stopped by the office and left a couple of goodies.

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🎉🎉 #HappyNewYear 🎉🎉


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