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Ken Walker

I'd like my playlist to start at the first song each tie. I'm not using random. It appears that the program "picks up where it left off" in the playlist, even across a shutdown.

Is there a setting I can use to force this?


When using streaming audio in, are there any .songname.mp3.cfg files that can be used to customize the frequencies for individual songs?

I added shairport-sync to my setup and it works quite well.

I have one "anomaly" I can't figure out. The airplay source from my mac based iTunes shows up and works fine, however from my iPhone I don't get the airplay source from the pi as a possibility.

Any ideas?

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Thanks to all the great help I got here, I have my Christmas Tree Lightshow working. Here's a link to short clips of 3 songs(I have over 150 in the playlist)

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!

I'm attempting to update the file to allow me to set the pattern_color in the individual files. I've added the code below, but the program is not honoring any change in the per song file. Am I missing something simple? (The print statements are for debuging)

if config.has_section('custom_led'):
cled = "custom_led"
pattern_color = "pattern_color"
if config.has_option(cled,pattern_color):
cm.led.pattern_color = map(int, config.get(cled, 'pattern_color').split(","))
print('found pattern color')

Is there a document that outlines the structure/contents of the sync files?

I have everything setup on a Pi3 with a Sainsmart 8 SSR. It all works extremely well. With one small glitch. I'm using it to sync to my large collection of Christmas music. Everything works fine except for the choral music, such as the Cambridge Singers Christmas Album. On almost all the chorales I get no output to the lights. At first I thought it was because they were lower in volume. I tested that by running one of the songs thru MPGain and upping the volume. It was louder, but the lights still did not "fire".

Any ideas?


I used the lightshow_led version of the code for halloween and it all worked really well. I used 3 channels(0,1,2) and an All-Pixel to drive 50 2811 rgb lights.

I'm setting up for Christmas and have run into an issue. I intend to use 8 channels(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7). But when I set up for that I'm getting little to no output to the AllPixel leds. I've experimented and about all I can use is 4 channels(0,1,2,3). Anything else and I get almost nothing from the led's.

All I'm wanting to do is power a star at the top of a Christmas tree, so I've set my led_count =1 and my per_channel to the 30 led's I'm using.

Any suggestions?




I had everything working in the base configuration for the lightshow-led branch.

Decided I'd update my code from the repository. Wow! It looks like the file was completely rewritten since I downloaded last week.

Now I can't get it to work at all. I'm working with APA102 lights and an ALLPIXEL controller. Allow worked fine before updating from git.

I have my lightshow pi up and working quite well. Thanks for all the good info here. I'm using the lightshowpi-led branch.

Can I use that with the AllPixel board? If so do I need to disable one or more of the gpio pins. I'm currently using the SainSmart 8 port solid state relay board. My idea is add a 5m strip of led's to the tree and still maintain the functionality I have now.

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