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A glimpse of the current state of the Gwibber rewrite in QML, using the Ubuntu SDK.  We'll get it uploaded to raring after UDS!
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No current plans, but adding it would most likely be trivial thanks to the awesome work of +Robert Bruce Park .  File a bug against the friends project requesting it.
A new UDS, a new gwibber rewrite!
That's how we roll! Ken, excellent work!
Gwibber is trying to catch up with the number of Unity rewrites..
Not yet... but it'll be available for it soon.
Scrolling is very snappy!  It is smoother on my nexus 7 than my desktop though, not sure why.
Is there a plan in Friends to support federated services? I remember earlier Gwibber was waiting on design decisions for UI to specify a non-default server.
Snappy scrolling?! Scrolling needs to be smooth! ;)
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