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I have no idea why I'm playing a game where almost no one else speaks English, but...

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Oh, Donald Trump. What hasn't been written about you?

Ah. This hasn't been written about you. What IS in that toupeed man's storage unit? We have the answer.


Close enough.

Damn it, it's funny.

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New York or Los Angeles?

Ease of getting around or ridiculously awesome street names?
Booze or pot?

More importantly, the article is just so damn funny. Another great piece by +Selena Templeton.

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+June Brockmeyer wrote a great story about Alexander Ruggie, who lived out of his storage unit for three months. 

There's a dog, and a Honda Civic, and....

Really, it's probably easier for you to just read it yourself. 

(The snippet says it was a year... bit of an error there...)

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+June Brockmeyer tells the story of Alexander Ruggie and his year living out of a storage unit. It's a great read, and... well... there's a dog and a Honda and showers and.... 

Seriously. Just read it, because that's the only way that this makes sense.

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Looking to store your skateboard? I have some ideas...

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Clutter: it's not just on my desk anymore.

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There are far more storage options than you might guess. +Self Storage Finders takes a look at one of them - indoor storage units - today.

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I've seen Storage Wars, but what the heck is a storage auction? 

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Is there a better way to experience LA than on foot?

On second thought, don't answer that. Regardless, this is a great guide for doing just that.
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