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Ken Sundheim CEO of KAS #recruiting  headshot 2015.  
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Ken Sundheim

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6 things to never say during an interview - despite how well an #interview  is going, there are a few things anyone can say to ensure the #jobsearch  meeting goes against them.  
Believe it or not, it only takes one sentence to turn a great interview into a lost employment opportunity. After 10 years of running a recruiting firm, I can tell you that interviewers actively seek out the negative traits in the job seekers whom they meet. Be aware that the following [...]
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great profile pic and great advice!
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Ken Sundheim

Interview Preparation  - 
How increased focus will land you the right job via effective interviewing.   #interviewing   #focus  
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Good tips Ken!
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Ken Sundheim

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Quitting Your Job to Start a Business
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Ken Sundheim

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Often, job candidates will spend an too much time attempting to assess the correlation between the body language and thought process of an interviewer.  Not only do they get the read wrong, they end up sacrificing the ability to make a strong interviewing impression.  
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Ken Sundheim

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A misconception among many hiring companies.  KAS Placement is a New York and U.S. recruiting firm for sales and marketing employees. 
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Ken Sundheim

Job Search Advice  - 
How increased focus will land you the right job via effective interviewing.   #interviewing   #focus  
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#Recruitment pic: Ken Sundheim
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CEO, Head Sales Recruiter, Marketing Headhunter at KAS Placement Recruiters
Sales Recruitment, marketing recruitment, salary negotiation, interviewing, job description writing, social media, cold-calling, client management, sales, sales management, marketing, employee management, leadership, campus staffing, website writing, website design, blogging, resume search, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe,
  • KAS Placement
    CEO - Staffing Industry, present
    As the CEO of the executive search firm, I do much of the management and budgetary aspects of the job. Also, I do serve as the head recruiter at KAS Placement and interact with hiring clientele frequently. However, my main strength lay in my marketing ability.
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New York, NY
Toms River, NJ - Miami, FL - San Francisco, California
sales recruiters, headhunters, staffing agency CEO, recruitment professional for jobs, recruiting
Ken Sundheim is the Founder and CEO of KAS Placement Marketing and Sales Recruiters and head of our New York marketing and sales recruitment initiatives. He is a Forbes writer and graduate lecturer at New York University. Additionally, Ken is a contributor to HR sites such as Simply Hired, The Ladders, Career Brazen, Business Insider and Personal Branding Blog.

On any given day, both KAS Placement and Ken will have exposure to over 4,000+ sales and marketing job seekers through a multitude of avenues. This exposure has continually increased as Ken and the executive headhunters at KAS Placement have received recognition from 5million job seekers via syndication.

At age 29, Ken Sundheim was the youngest Finalist to be the Sales Career Guide, has appeared on MTV, Fox Business News as well as discussed a reality show on KAS Placement with Bravo television.

His expertise in the marketing and sales recruiting arena has led KAS Placement to gain unparalleled exposure including: CBS MoneyWatch,,, Chicago Tribune, AOL Jobs, MTV, Fox Business News, WSJ, FINS, Sales Careers, O Magazine,, and many others.

He has also been invited to lecture on the topic at universities such as Syracuse University, New York University, Pace University and many others. Moreover, Ken has been been published in: AOL, NYTimes, WSJ,, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Yahoo! Finance, Fuse TV,,, USA Today, Huffington Post, FINS Careers, Oped News, UpStart Business Journal and others.

Ken Sundheim's expertise lay in both marketing and sales. From Final Cut Pro to engaging with new clients, he continually uses his expertise in business development, social media, e-commerce, video marketing, article marketing, digital media, marketing and sales management to train the internal sales recruiters at KAS Placement and provide clients with top talent.

Ensuring an expertise in the area, Ken Sundheim also designed, wrote, programmed and did the graphics on the KAS Placement website.

Bragging rights
Finalist to be on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies List, Recruitment Lectures at Major Universities, Interviews Include: CBS MoneyWatch, MTV, Fox Business News and, from here on out, I will humbly decline to list all of my achievements as a business development recruiter.
  • Fordham University
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If you love good candy, this is the best store I've found in the City. Luckily, I live on the UES, but if I moved to another part of town, I would still go to the Sweet Shop. Much cleaner than your Dylan's and much higher quality.
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I've lived on the UES for about 12 years and, throughout that period have been to a decent amount of places. Undoubtedly, these guys cut better hair.
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I like Post Brothers. I think they're an honest company with some great people. I would recommend using them to anyone looking to move.
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My job requires that I mentor others and because I am not a psychiatrist, I thought it would be beneficial to utilize the services of a highly reputed doctor who is at the forefront of his field. The pain of it was that some of the people whom I interviewed had the qualifications of Dan Iosifescu but it was evident that they were more concerned with being told how good they were rather than seeing the big picture which is to help the client. In all, I spent upwards of a few thousand dollars just to interview the more reputable doctors on the Upper East Side. It's not easy to accurately assess how much one of these individuals can help you by doing a single session with them b/c on the surface all are intelligent. Though, because part of my work involves interviewing, I'd like to think that I am very efficient at it. Here is how I narrowed my search down to use Dan Iosifescu. Of the five doctors I met with, I was able to immediately cross one off because I just couldn't see myself dealing with him. He was overly arrogant - life’s too short. Then, I immediately crossed off the doctor who took copious amounts of notes during the session b/c it either meant that he has poor memory or maybe he was playing the “genius at work” angle. Regardless, it alluded to the fact that his approach was not practical. I thought two were good, but I didn't like the fact that they didn't continue their education - i.e. I liked the fact that Dan consistently engages in studies rather than just does patient work. As a writer, I think that any competent person knows the value of keeping his or her brain sharp. Though, the reason I still use Dan after two years and pay out of pocket to do so is because with this dr. what you see is what you get - someone very good at their job who wants to help which is a rarity in this field.
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Caroline Grasso is a great dentist. She is very, very good at what she does and, just as importantly her office is a great atmosphere staffed with great people. I like her both as a dentist and person.
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