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I was sorry to see Laith Al-Saadi be the first to go in the final 4, but it's pretty easy to predict when you can measure their ranking by their iTunes sales. It's not Quantum Entaglement or anything. Personally, I hope Adam keeps his word and takes this guy under his wing. I'd love to see him open for Maroon Five on concert dates. Over and above all of that, no matter what happens or what doesn't happen, This guy did Rocky Mountain Way with Joe Walsh, live and on stage. (Joe, we will always have Universal Studios). Oh yeah, plus the new Nissan Rouge, so there's that.

So let's do the tally...The new car, over 70K in revived album and iTunes sales, Adam Levine on speed dial, recording execs leaving messages...yep I'd gather my girl friend into the new car, my pumped up bank account and tell my girl, let's blow this pop stand.

I'm looking forward to his website redoux.
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Ken Starks

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It was good to see the local community come together and help us recover the monitors we lost in the flood at the shop. My most sincere thanks to you who sent us laptops. We have a ways to go to get back to the ones we lost but your help allowed us to deliver the ones already promised
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So, Linus in a nutshell? Go ahead, crack it open.
Check out the Linux Godfather - Linus Torvalds himself - in this TED Talks presentation "The Mind Behind Linux"
Linus Torvalds transformed technology twice -- first with the Linux kernel, which helps power the Internet, and again with Git, the source code management system used by developers worldwide. In a rare interview with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Torvalds discusses with remarkable openness the personality traits that prompted his unique philosophy of work, engineering and life. "I am not a visionary, I'm an engineer," Torvalds says. "I'm perfectly ...
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My Daughter and Son in Law attending a formal just before he took a medical retirement due to combat injuries. They look great. I was lucky. I never once in two decades, had to wear dress blues. 
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We had to wear our dress blues to graduate, but after that, I don't recall ever needing to wear them. But never Mess Dress blues. Never owned them.
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Go ahead...shake hands with your assassin.

Now this is gonna be cool. On my to-see list for certain.
NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission will study the space rock that is 4 to 5 thousand times larger than the asteroid that exploded over the skies of Chelyabinsk in 2013. There is a small probability that it could hit Earth late in the 22nd century. NASA will study its orbit, composition and return a sample to Earth in 2023. Bring Some Asteroid To Earth: OSIRIS-Rex - 2023
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+Gonzalo Velasco C.
2012... Saw that movie ? Ehh
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Ken Starks

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Annnnnd, we're home.

Cool landing of the reusable rocket systems being put into place by private enterprise. It's about time we get back in the driver's seat.
The New Shepard last flew on April 2, 2016 and made a spectacular landing at their West Texas launch site. The rocket's 'Vent Cam' captured imagery of the descent. It reaching an apogee of 339,178 feet (103 km) and the engine were restarted at 3,600 feet for the landing.
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I don't know how many of you watch the voice on NBC. It's a show akin to America's got Talent but ten times better. This season a contestant named Laith Al-Saadi that physically reminds me of a well fed Cat Steven's has made it to the final 4. He's a 38 year old blues rocker that's had marginal success in the music world but has lacked the major exposure to "make it".

In earlier shows He's performed B. B. King, and he ripped the roof off the place by singing "Make It Rain". Tonight and tomorrow are the finale when the final 4 will be voted upon by the public to win the title of "The Voice" . The show opened tonight with Laith performing "White Room" by Cream. His voice and guitar solos just blew the place apart and the audience applauded so long and so loud it disrupted the show. You can Google his name in YouTube and watch/listen to previous shows or get a more pure version by choosing his studio rendition of that same song.

Watching him tonight I envisioned 5 million 50 and 60 something air guitar players rocking cream and pushing this guy on to possibly win the whole thing. Win or lose, Laith Al-Saadi has gained a couple million new fans. Obviously, I am one of them.

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This guy is aweesome performer.

Watched/listened to some of his YouTube channel then The Voice audition thru current. It appears that his work on the show with Adam has greatly improved his presentation.
He was good at the audition, but his later performances are much better.
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Ken Starks

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A friend sent me this privately and asked me which puppy I would pick from this litter. I responded that I would pick the one at the very bottom of the frame, barely visible for most of the video. He asked me why, and in turn I return told him that if he didn't know, he shouldn't have a dog as a part of his family. Haven't heard back from him for two hours. Hmmmm.

Something I said?

A cuddle of puppies
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I grew up with both cats and dogs around. I couldn't really choose between them. We're exclusively a cat household at the moment, but that's for reasons having nothing to do with one being better than the other.
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Ken Starks

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See, this is what I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, and about the
Linux Community. Many of us anyway. I think many folks take efforts like Antoni's for granted. I mean, what the frick. If this distro goes down, there's about 2 quadzillion, nine hundred and eleventy seven others to choose from.

No big deal, right? Nope, it's not right at all. Not even close to being "right".

This is where the free-at-any-cost counter-culture comes back to bite someone in the a$$. This guy busted his backside to produce one of the slickest, easiest to use Linux distros available today and his users couldn't even be bothered to donate 10 bucks a month to his work? 10 frickin' dollars a month. Two cups of coffee at $tarchucks

The distro they open every day and use for their work and entertainment? Yeah, this one. This goes back to one of the neatest distros ever. Andrew Wyatt worked his backside off to give his users a stable and beautiful way to operate there computers, but holy cow, when he might have mentioned that he could no longer support running his distro, users scrammed like bugs under a turned-on kitchen light at 2 in the morning. "oh no!!! He might want some of us to pay a few stinking dollars a month for him to continue his work! Oh the Tragedy"!

I wrote a compelling piece at FOSS Force about the Linux community and gave them credit for doing a good, good thing when push came to shove, but in cases like this, I gotta stand on the same side of the issue as my buddy Josh. When it comes to having to count on someone, Many times the Linux Community isn't one to count on when you don't have anyone else to count on at all.

I wish Antoni Norman the best and if he will pledge to stay with it for just another month, I'll paypal him the money I had been saving for a new keyboard, and I don't even use his distro. I live on $900.00 a month and I'll pitch in 50 bucks. I haven't used Pinguy lately but I have in the past and he's done a magnificent job creating it. Here's to see what happens next.
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+Ken Starks​​ +Charles McColm​​ Perhaps we in the Linux world have to realise that:
1. Given the rate of change and development, rolling your own distribution for fun or profit or break even, is too much for a one man show.
2. Basing the work as a derivative of another distro will not make it easier.
3. Perhaps the maintainer of AV Linux has the right idea and place his efforts elsewhere.

Charles you have had experience at this what do you think?
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Ken Starks

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Folks, I need a favor, and before you ask, my laptop was destroyed in the flood. That's why I cant look it up out here on my own.

I need a link that explains why a computer only shows, let's say; 7.5 GB of RAM instead of the full 8GB. Sure I know why but I need a link substantiating what I am telling the guy. He thinks I ripped him off because I said it had 8GB when the system settings only show 7.5. I would appreciate the help. Maybe I need to get a new laptop. Oh that's right! Duh. I have one out of four to choose from, I just didn't think about it.

Private joke. only 1 will get it. Thanks folks.
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You should have enough from the comments above to prove your point. :-)
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Ken Starks

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Sometimes, you just don't want stuff to get in the way of your desktop.
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+Ken Starks My main workstation runs Kubuntu 16.04, (Plasma 5) with Breeze Dark theme, and i prefer it to KDE 4, despite a few little bugs. My Dell Latitude E6500 runs Mint 17 with KDE 4.
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Ken Starks

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Holy crap. At the shop alone. New headphones right out of the box, Rebel Yell at 8 with my Senni's and George Thorogood's (air) -Gibson ES-125. Next up looks like Rick Derringer. I'm frickin' exhausted.
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Bingo. Every body spread the news
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The Linux platform sounds like a good alternative for the Windows XP users, but the truth is that Linux would not really benefit from a mass

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Leland Stevens isn't just a great CPA...He's a great guy. Our newly formed non profit had no idea of what we were doing as far as keeping track of our funding and budgeting. Leland is sitting down with us and setting up our books and doing some initial advising at no cost to us. Of course, we will retain him for our month to month needs. In a world where a financial consultant is more worried about billable hours than customer care, Mr. Stevens has been a blessing for us and our organization.
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I rescued a tired old Beagle from the Taylor facility a couple of months ago. it was obvious he was advanced in age and he was the only dog that did not happily meet people as they walked up and down the line of cages. He had been horribly abused by his previous owners, who tied him to a dog house in the middle of a dirt back yard and just moved away. No food, no water. He was just left to die. The next door neighbor saw him and called the animal control folks who took him to the pound. He was the one I adopted. He has several severe medical issues to include congestive heart failure. He has a horrible, hacking cough and he sneezes so violently that he slams his muzzle into the floor or ground and makes his nose bleed. I had taken him to the other vet in Taylor and while I believe him to be competent, I simply got the impression he was more interested in selling me high priced, specialty dog food than he was treating my little guy. The medications he gave him had not caused any improvement in a two month time so I decided to take my boy to Dr. Graef. No appointments, odd hours and first come first served... that's how it works there. A 15 minute wait and Dr. Graef showed up and introduced himself then examined my little guy. Bad news but we knew that. His heart is terribly weak and the cough and sneezing is not only a sign of that condition but it can hasten the end if allowed to go on too long. My other vet had not informed me of that. An examination, a gentle shot of allergy medication, two prescriptions and some good baseball conversation later, we were on our way. Grand total? 60.00. Less than half of what the other vet had charged and his medications did no good what so ever. My little boy has not sneezed or coughed once since the visit and I can finally get some sleep, as when he used to cough, I had to get up to rub his throat to make it stop. This is a great Vet folks. If you can work around his hours and unconventional routine, he's the guy to see if you live in this area.
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