Good deed of the day , maybe month, complete!

Today I returned the lost wallet my group found yesterday in Old Town San Diego. The Dad of the guy who lost the wallet was very thankful for me returning the wallet.

No reward was offered or given. And I wasn't looking for on either. 
Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California
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I once found a purse when living in london, the girl was so please that I returned it we went out for a meal on her and even ended up good friends
That's great, +Dick Thomas I was just hoping someone was home to actually take physical possession of the wallet. I didn't want to leave it on the doorstep in an envelope.
it is such a good feeling knowing you have saved some one a world of heart ache, esp with banks all been on plastic these days and lose your cards and you have no cash
What a wonderful deed...I am sure he was so thankful to get in back in tack and I am sure it made him feel good that there is still honest people in the world. Good job Ken!
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