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I'm pumped for tonight's match! #USAvCAN 
@ussoccer Jones as a center back is the worst idea Klinsmann has ever had. That and not looking for natural full backs. 'Tunç · 12m12 minutes ago. 'Tunç @ThanksLD. @ussoccer Zardes!!! A.H.. 11m11 minutes ago. A.H. @aaron_hackworth. @ussoccer Oh no Jones at CB ...
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Happy 31st birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!!! 🎁🎉🎂
¡Feliz 31 cumpleaños Cristiano! 🎁🎉🎂
Felicidades pelos 31 anos Cristiano Ronaldo! 🎁🎉🎂

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I'm really liking the Union's new kit. The texture is pretty wild.
The new 2016 jersey drops are coming fast--and the latest is the Philadelphia Union's classy update on their classic primary jersey look. Many of this year's design details draw on the snake featured on the club's crest. Here's a look at the front and back: The overall design preserves the classic
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This is extremely sad! 😱 😢 😭
According to the police in Greenville, NC, Mirra's death was caused by an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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Rose D
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Finally #Waze  has made their platform available to other companies & developers.
If you’re a developer and you’ve always wished that you could incorporate something like Waze into your app or program or service, then Santa is giving you a belated Christmas present. The popular …
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Some of these are making me seriously hungry!
Grilled cheese. Yes, grilled cheese. What makes a grilled cheese? When does a grilled cheese stop being a grilled cheese and just become a sandwich? How much cheese is too much cheese? Who shot JFK? Is there life on Mars? Are you going to get any of the answers to these questions in this post? No. You...
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Need I say more about #February? #UCL #ChampionsLeague
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+David Romero true. There is that big game of Hnadegg coming this weekend.
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This is how one loses respect for the organizing body behind their national soccer teams.

1) You can't negotiate with the players union so you have to file a lawsuit.
2) Then you blatantly release the personal information of the athletes. #WTF

This is very bad +U.S. Soccer! VERY BAD!
“The players are very, very upset,” midfielder Megan Rapinoe said, citing safety and privacy concerns in the disclosure of the women’s national team players’ home and email addresses.
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Personal Soccer Parent Story....

Today I took my youngest daughter to soccer practice. While I was there I was working from the car, but could see the practice pretty well. By the time i was done with work and I could watch I saw something I didn't like. I saw my kid not putting in the effort I'd expect and know she can. I was frustrated. I wanted to storm out the car and yell at her like a crazy sideline parent.

I eventually controlled my emotional reaction and waiting until practice was over. Then here she comes and I'm ready to give it to her.

DD: [She's holding her head]
Me: What's wrong?
DD: My head hurts
Me: Has it been hurting through all of practice [probing for an excuse to her lack luster play]
DD: No. But I did hurt my knees.
Me: [Looking down seeing she has a band-aid on one and the other one is a bit chewed up] What happened!?!
DD: I feel down in the dirt. And a teammate feel on top of me. My left knee had blood running down my leg.
Me: [feeling like shit now] Who gave you the band-aid?
DD: [smiling] Coach did.
Me: When did you fall down?
DD: About 15 minutes into practice.
Me: [now thinking she played with banged up bloody knees for over an hour and really feeling like shit now] Good job playing through the pain. 👍
Me: Ready to head home?
DD: Sure . .. can I have my Blow Pop coach gave me? [with shining big eyes and a smile]
Me: Sure you can! [with a smile]
Me: Did you have fun in practice?
DD: Yes! I had so much fun!

Moral of the story - Don't jump to conclusions about the efforts your kid is putting in until you know the whole story.

#YouthSoccer #SoccerParent #LetThemPlay #BeTheirSuperFan #Soccer
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+Shamar Marshall you're so right. We are the biggest influence toward our daughters loving the game for life.
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This is the second variation i've seen on the smart mirror and I'm guessing someone in their garage is trying to figure out a way to mass produce these awesome lil gems.
When I couldn’t buy a smart mirror and made one instead
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I've seen no way to do it cheaply, so far, because it requires either a tablet or smart TV to be sacrificed for the cause. That's for do-it-yourselfers, though. Mass production of something like a nook with an extra bright screen would probably make the price more palatable.
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Some seriously big trees went down around San Diego County yesterday because of the rain and winds we've had over that past 36 hours. #ElNino  
Photos of a strong, El Nino-fueled storm running through San Diego County.
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And it begins . . . #SuperHumans  here we come.
Scientists in the U.K. have been given the green light to edit human embryos. The decision will allow researchers to genetically modify early embryos and watch them develop for up to seven days, in a bid to figure out what influences miscarriages. The controversial procedure will be carried out at the Francis Crick Institute in London, and will work with up to 30 embryos to begin with, though there are hopes they could extend their research using...
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all hail the emacs overlord lol ;D
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The food is good. The menudo was hearty and flavorful.
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Grubby's has the best food and service in the village. Plus they open at 4:30am for all the early #EPL soccer matches.
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I love the food and beer selection. The staff is nice amd always welcoming.
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