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Today is a great day to celebrate. 

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Because of you I didn't quit! A personal video message. 

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Got a Facebook Fan Page? Looking for some fan page love? Click the link and share your page. Engage with others and enjoy the #FridayFanpageParty

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OH little secret ninja traffic tip was just featured on this EPIC round up post!

I've only been teaching this tip to my team and personal clients. Here's the skinny...

Every time I interview my seems that online traffic strategies are the most requested training. So you bet I'm going to be peeling this one apart, and reverse engineering it for quite some time!

First off...huge shout out to +Lawrence Tam  for gathering up all the servant leaders who dropped tons of golden traffic tips. There's so much...Fort Knox should be jealous!

By the numbers...
* This post was over 2 months in the making.
* 39 marketers share their best traffic tips.
* Over 17,500 words.
* A total of 136.5 years of combined marketing knowledge.

Don't get overwhelmed by this post. Yes it's EPIC...

You can print it if you want (book marking it would be preferred) But here's how to best utilize this guide.

Pick one traffic strategy. Learn it, teach it to others, Do a review of your own, then go back to the post and pick another strategy to implement. Speed is a factor when finding mega traffic tip posts like this one.

Second...huge shout out to all my fellow marketers for making the cut and sharing their traffic tips. Again lots of heart went into this post.
Third...if you can do me a HUGE FAVOR...

When you review the post and leave a comment, add my name and say mine was the best tip <cheeky grin> I'm running a little contest with a few other people to see who can drive the most traffic and comments to this post. Mwuhahaha!

#TrafficTip   #blogging  

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Check out the 10 tips to increase engagement on your Facebook fan page +Ken Pickard

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Do you have a facebook fan page?

Can I hep you get more eyeballs to it...RIGHT NOW?! 

#facebook   #fanpageparty

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6 Ways to avoid Distractions in Your Home Based Business

Do you get easily distracted?

With 5 kids, a wife, 2 cats, a dog, home repairs, 4 vehicles to maintain (I just did the front brakes on 3 cars this weekend)...

...I admit to getting distracted quit a bit.

But tip number 3 helped turned my business around.
Take a quick trip through these 6 ways to avoid distractions

#business   #8fm  

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Do you blog?

If so..check out some of the blogging tips my friends share in this post.

Titled 7 Figure Blogging Secrets.

Hey...success leaves clue...get yourself a bug heaping spoonful!

Tips like...

* Be a story teller
* Don’t be afraid to sell
* Sell indirectly by adding value
* Be consistent
* Build that know like and trust factory with similar type of content on multiple platforms and channels.
Don’t be cheap with your link love. Linking to others actually has a compound benefit.
Reach out and reach up to authority sites and authors.

Plus much much more!
#bloggingtips   #bloggingsecrets  

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Starting an online business part time doesn’t have to be a huge obstacle it appears to be. Whether you are facing the dreaded website set up or the overwhelm of too much information…your dreams of making some extra money are so worth it!

Here's the quick checklist for starting a rock solid online marketing strategy.

1. Be all in
2. Blog Daily
3. Market Daily
4. New member coaching
5. Listen to daily audio
6. Read daily
7. Opt into a weekly team / company call
8. Attend the next event.

Catch up on all the details here:

Pin in for others here:
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