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Look who just earned his BMW! Way to Go! 
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Were you at the ViSalus Convention or Seminar or whatever you wanna call it?
I was there with my buddy David Gibbons, who just qualified for his Beemer! I am working to get my Wife hers now! She just hit "Rising Star"! Where you there also? Quite a difference from last year at this time....success leaves clues! Thought I was at a BMW dealership! Funny thing is there was another company with only one person in their car! BOOM! 
No, I wasn't there, my dad, Robert, was there though.
Cool! Planning on being in Miami for Vitality! That's gonna be crazy! The city will be overrun with Beemers! 
I was there! Such an awesome event...Kevin and Stephanie are my cousins and it was so great to see them up there leading and teaching :)
My dad officially started his 90 challenge today, he's trying to bulk up a little.
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