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Auto animated photo series? Kool. 
This afternoon I used the "best photo" facility in my camera phone to burst shoot 8 photos rapidly. I wanted to capture the next car that drove past and splashed through the puddles on the road.

I did not expect to capture an idiot who accelerated fast and shot up the narrow road by the library in Blarney!

EXIF data unfortunately doesn't record seconds, or at least I can't see it right now but it only takes about 2 seconds to shoot the 8 photos. Anyone estimate how fast he's going?

Oh, this animation was created by Google Plus automatically. A nice surprise after my phone uploaded them!
Animated Photo

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Address Entry with Google Places API Autocomplete

Seriously, every app that has address entry needs this.

+Thor Mitchell

I should hang out here more.

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I'll be opening a credit union account tomorrow. For 3 years we've been waiting for someone to do something about the Too Big to Fail Banks. Time to face reality and "be the change" we want to see in the world. It's only $5 to open an account.

So we're working on a Sunday, trying to get a project done... but the power is out for our dev server...

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I've been following the PROTECT-IP (and now "E-PARASITES") bill for some time, and it now seems like it's gaining traction in Washington. Speaking only for myself, this is a really really bad bill and would, as Rep. Zoe Lofgren said, "would mean the end of the Internet as we know it."

Go read up on this bill on TechDirt [1][2], and if you decide that you want to take action, fill out this form from Fight for the Future.

And if you're an artist, please please consider filling out this form expressing your concern over how this kind of bill could potentially jeopardize your livelihood in the future (especially if you rely on the social web):

Thanks — and do reshare this!

/via +Derek Slater #pipa


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Over on CSS-Tricks, +Chris Coyier picked my brain on browsers and web development.

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All-time favorite commercial, Brilliant, almost made me cry... The power of emotional media! ikea lamp
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