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Ken Montville
Selling Nice Homes Since 1999
Selling Nice Homes Since 1999

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Is being a real estate agent for you? Think twice, maybe, three times before you jump into something you may not be suited for.

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For all the people who want to impeach or otherwise get rid of Trump. Yeah. I agree. We would all be better off if he and his cadre of deplorables would disappear. However, Both houses of Congress are controlled by the Republicans who will do nothing to get rid of the guy. In fact, many of them like him.

Rather than waste a ton of energy on marches (which don't seem to be working) or "impeach" efforts. Get to work to replace the Governors and State legislatures. It is time to start from the ground up. The long game.

That's what the deplorables have done. They started way back and way down the b allot to put people in place. The billionaires have been pumping money into local and State races to make sure they get their way so when a Trump comes along, he/she/it has the support of all the other politicians that count.

Stop wasting time worrying about Andrew Jackson or which dictator he wants to meet with. Keep your eye on what matters - local and state issues and races and candidates. Change Congress and the rest will follow.

The only way Congress will change is if there is a State delegate or State Senator or Governor that gets ambitious enough and has enough backing to make it happen.

Trump's minions are masters of distraction. Trump is a master of distraction. Keep your eye on the real issues and get decent people elected.

I've noticed that the posts on +Google+ are really quite a bit different from the posts on +Facebook but the interaction is a lot different, too. For one thing, I cna't figure out how to organize things very well on +Google+. Not that I can on +Facebook. Maybe I should pay some self-styled guru a ton of money to teach me to become the curator extraordinaire of +Google+ and spend my days finding cute, funny, interesting, compelling, intellectually stimulating posts that people will love and adore.

Would it be OK if I used +Google+ the way most people use +Twitter?

People tell me I have a sense of humor. Not feelin' it today.

I used to wonder why people hated other people. Misanthropy. But, I think I have come to find out.

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His father should have pulled out!


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Tired of the Paleo Diet? Maybe It’s Time to Try 'Moon Eating'

You can have all the green cheese you want.


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Buying Your House Back is a phrase we real estate agents use about sellers who dig in their heels for a few thousand bucks and let the buyer walk.

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Not Diet Cherry Coke.
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