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Ken MacGregor
Actor, Writer, Director, Father.
Actor, Writer, Director, Father.


You know what would be fun? A theater that sells only milk products at concessions. Their logo could be a camel and they could call it a Drama-Dairy.

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So, I now have six titles on my Amazon author page, which doesn't suck.

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My story "SeaWolf" will appear in this anthology.

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#Zombies   Two of my short stories appear in this book. If you don't have a Kindle, Amazon has an app to use a different device. If, like me, you like to actually hold your books, the paperback print-on-demand version should be in the next week or so.

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F*ck censorship.

Happy National Watermelon Day!
Go forth and spit seeds.

Just found out that my story, "SeaWolf" about a werewolf who fights a shark just got picked by an anthology! Very gratifying, as I really liked that one.

"Bad Squirrel", my zombie rodent short story, is now available for purchase, and it's only $2!!! Plus, you get a lot of other cool stuff with it. If you found $2 on the ground, you'd be like, oh... okay, that's nice. So, use it to get this awesome, quirky horror ezine! Here's a link:

Not sure why I got an ad on my gmail page for "For people considering Retiring, Visiting or Moving to Uruguay".
For the record, I'm not.
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