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Skype for Business 2016 Client Normalizes Numbers with Plus Sign
One of the central tenets of number normalization in Lync/Skype for Business has always been: "Lync/Skype for Business will not attempt to normalize a number that already has a plus sign at the beginning" There are signs that this is no longer true, at leas...

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North American Call Authorization Tricks
Almost every country in the world has a dedicated country code assigned to it for telephony purposes (see for a full list). There is one very large exception to this rule and that is countries in North America (US and Canada) and a good port...

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Using the Lync Optimizer to Configure a Single Multi-Country SIP Trunk
As SIP trunking becomes more reliable and trusted, companies are taking advantage of the ability to consolidate standard PSTN phone lines from multiple office locations into a single SIP trunk.  Most of the larger SIP providers can provide phone numbers for...

I used to see the GPS status icon on my toolbar when using Google Maps, but it hasn't worked for some time. Still works when using another GPS app like HERE Maps. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no effect. I'm using stock Android 6.0.1 on a Nexus 6P.

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Dealing with Trunk Prefixes in Phone Numbers in Skype for Business
First of all, I spend far too much time thinking about dial rules. For those who don't know, a trunk prefix is a number (or numbers) that typically has to be dialled prior to dialling a phone number within the subscriber's country, but outside the subscribe...

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Capturing Network Traceroutes in Lync/Skype for Business
If you've ever trolled through the QoEMetrics database (a great way to while away a lazy Saturday afternoon) you may have come across a few tables that made you go "What the....?".  One table that might catch your eye is the TraceRoute table.  In all likeli...

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Response Groups Stop Responding
Our company ( Event Zero - makers of the best Skype for Business analytics software out there BTW ) relies on Skype for Business response groups for our sales and support queues.  Last week, I noticed that every single one of them on two separate pools were...

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Testing Inbound PSTN Connectivity Directly from Lync/Skype for Business
File this one under "It's obvious once you think about it for even a second"... I was recently attempting to get a SIP trunk working to a new Sonus gateway located in Event Zero's head office in Brisbane, Australia.  I wanted to test inbound calls to the ga...

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Selective Caller ID Blocking in Lync/Skype for Business
Once in a while, a customer asks how they can block caller ID on outgoing calls in Lync/Skype for Business. If they're interested in blocking caller ID on all calls, then the answer has always been simple: use the Alternate Caller ID field in Voice Routes. ...
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