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It's secure, fast and powerful.  Chromebook now is #1 top selling laptop on

If you like to work on a Chrome project, my team is hiring.

Post has attachment is great for learning college-level material for free.  The best part: you can accelerate the video to 2x the speed, so any boring class becomes exciting!

If that's not enough, you can play 3 different videos in 3 browser windows at the same time and challenge your learning skills.

I just realized how easy it is to convert CD into iso image on linux.

First find the cd/dvd rom path in /dev by using the "mount" command. In my case /dev/sr0 is my cdrom

Then run "cat /dev/sr0 > cd.iso"

That's it!  It creates cd.iso file which is a mountable image.

If somebody needs to verify if the CD is good, a better way is

umount /dev/sr0
readom dev=/dev/sr0 f=cd.iso

I tried both versions on a CD and got the same result and checksum.

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