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Ken Kennedy

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Pretty neat visualization of asteroid explosions between 2000 and 2013. Includes the one in Russia you almost certainly know about, as well as a lot of others (mostly over the ocean somewhere) that you might not.
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Ken Kennedy

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Nice...I actually didn't know about Congaree National Park. We're going to have to check it out, +Charlotte Kennedy !
Via +Gabriel Jones 

Great resource...  
Looking to restore a little sense of wonder this weekend? Why not visit your nearest national park?
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Ken Kennedy

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Somebody likes her Frisbee...
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Ken Kennedy

Shared publicly  -'s Wiz's turn...
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My big boy!  He is the sweetest kitty ever!
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Ken Kennedy

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Somebody's sleepy!
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Nice composition.
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Ken Kennedy

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6-2, even. I need to read up.
The Supreme Court delivered another setback to affirmative action Tuesday, easing the way for states to bar public colleges from considering race in admissions.The 6-2 decision upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment that bans preferential treatment based on race, gender, ethnicity or national origin. The ban on affirmative action applies not only...
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Ken Kennedy

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I've got invites available if anyone's interested. Basically a pretty decent wrapper for GPG/PGP web of trust stuff. 
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Thanks a lot, but I'm in already ( since literally a few minutes :)

Thanks again!
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Ken Kennedy

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Awesome! This is like the fifth infrastructure and capacity upgrade that has happened since I got my Linode account...same $20/month, and my CPU, storage, transfer, etc., have all gone up multiple times. Linode rocks! The New Linode Cloud: SSDs, Double RAM & much more
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Ken Kennedy

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Good article by Dropbox. Interesting discussion about how they manage caching (in two different layers, in fact), syncing, etc. to increase responsiveness in their new Carousel app.
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Ken Kennedy

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Today, Marley's the sleepy one!
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In our case, it might be a polypytch!  (Hoping that is the correct word!)
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Overly idealistic geek.
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