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Quick, someone call the FBI. Ken Hess has been replaced by an alien being!!!


Enjoy the phone! And the camera!

All these devices are "good" just a question of degree. Regardless of the vendor, they beat having to carry a brick or pocketful of quarters!
It will be interesting after using a Windows phone and an iPhone for so long. It's a bit different but we'll see.
I expect it will be like moving from a Wintel PC to a Mac. Similar, but different.

Like driving a car in the UK. Same idea, just on the other side.

Have fun with it. Maybe now you will be removed from the Android hit list :)
Ya i was one of the ones who scolded you for "never an android thingy" article. You can ask me a few questions if you want before you write another review. Remember, Android is not iPhone. You can do much more with it, but you have to know how to unleash its full potential. If you use Gmail on Android 4.0, you will never be able to go to another phone. Ever :-)
+Hamid Marc Afsharieh I am glad you posted or I wouldn't have seen this!

+Ken Hess has come to the dark side! If you are looking for some good free apps to get started with I have a few that I would recommend. You can find my quick reviews at or full reviews on the site I write for Like Hamid said, the Android phones have a lot more capabilities than your Windows or iPhones did but take a little more work sometimes to get it to that potential. I would like to see what you think about it in a month or so.

Whatever you do, don't use an Ice Cream Sandwich phone until the updates are available for your phone. Seriously! It will make you see the fragmentation! :) If you are happy with GB then just use it. You won't know what you are missing. Plus, when you do get there it will change your whole perception of what Android can be.
Thanks. If anyone else has app suggestions I would be glad to have them.
Yes, Dimitry, I just paired with my Apple Wireless KB. Awesome.

lol.... i feel funny about 'apple operates in a vaccum'. If you can list out their innovations i can feed it into my ever lowering knowledge about apple n their products.. Hope u dont list inventing mobile phone into it.. Reading ur article n the payment u got u may be tempted to do it haha OMG... If apple is not going to balloon their 'small' device near close to current smartphone levels , surely they will be pumped out of scene like nokia gone down...Then by mere lawsuits against CR infringements wont be sufficient to stay in the competition. Didnt they invent their new technology yet to make screen big? 

Common man , I would have been really happy if u tried looking at ur own backhole to see how big/small it is, instead of this ******. I'm very sure right now my middle finger on right hand is pointing upwards in front of ur face. This article makes more apple haters which goes against the intention behind it. May be by reading all those above -ve comments apple may take down ur next payment ... hahaha
Isn't it... On earth what made u to write such dumpass article... see all comments below ur article.... a shame to ZDNet... If u really dont know how android can be  check these screen.. may be its too old 4 ur old brain( what appears to be)... Also from looking at ur all articles U R employed by ZDNet to make such articles to drive traffic n get hits... 
I guess it's just my dumpass not knowing what u want to know about. My suggestion is 2 right ur own articles.
So u write on ZDNet for  then why it on a public blog ( if atleast ZDNet think that way) . If atleast some of ur words were 10% genuine rather than like a blind apple fan, it would have been nice to read....Comments says it all ,
Anha, you seem nice. Logon to and find you a nice boy or girl or whatever you're into and be happy. Don't let what ol' Ken says on ZDNet give you so much heartburn.
I have that effect on people. And, this was a positive look at my new phone. Just think what a bad review would have gotten me.
that will be different to what read or reply on ZDNet... By that comment u mean whatvever u write it is for urself not for public.. i would like to get attention of ZDNet CEO to here , then see how things goes?
By the way just to let u know siri surrendered hehhehe
Siri vs. Google Search (Jelly Bean)
I don't understand what you're trying to say.
I dont either, like many who read ur article which is like written by a writer who would write anything for money....
Hm...  Well, Ken. I think that maybe you should never say never. Maybe replace those words with, "I highly doubt that I'll ever..." ?
A weird mad guy by look n
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