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Ken Ham

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Today is the one-year anniversary of my debate with Bill Nye, and we praise God for the many positive testimonies of people, particularly young people, that have been emboldened in their faith as a result of watching the debate. Watch the video below where I discuss the impact of the debate.
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Ken Ham

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Students Told to Worship the Sun?

Imagine if public school students in their science classes were encouraged to worship the sun. And yet this is happening! But how do they get away with it? Well, they just call worshipping the sun “science,” and then claim they can teach this “science” in the public schools! Find out more in my article below.
The government is actually allowing a religion to be imposed on public school students, and using our tax dollars to do it.
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LOL! Of course this is not true. But for "Christians" it's okay to believe in the imaginary man in the sky.
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Ken Ham

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We are saddened by the tragic attacks in Paris and around France and our hearts go out to the family and friends of those who have been killed. 

Recently, more than three million people gathered in Paris and around France for a peaceful march to stand in opposition to terrorism and to show world unity.

I encourage you to read my post below to learn about why God's creation includes death and suffering and also about the true unity we can have in Jesus Christ.
Without the Bible as your authority, you have no foundation from which to denounce terrorism as an evil.
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Ken Ham

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Is the Bible just a book of stories?

Watch my presentation on the 7 C's of History very soon at 9 AM (ET) at the link below.

Most people look at the Bible as a book that contains many interesting stories and theological teaching. While this is true, the Bible is so much more—it’s a history book that reveals the major events of history that are foundational to the Bible’s important messages. My talk at the link below will explore this topic in detail.
Starkey Road Baptist Church Service @ USTREAM: . Christian
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Ken Ham

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The Ark Is Happening!

I wanted to share a very exciting 9-minute video with you that offers an update of what is happening with the construction of our life-size Noah’s Ark (south of Cincinnati).

After my wife and I returned from our visit with family in Australia, I interviewed one of the project managers for the Ark and our VP of attractions. Even though I have been intimately involved with this project, I gained some fascinating insights into what has gone into the planning of the engineering and architectural work. I was also amazed to see how much work has been done since I toured the site the last time and as we get ready for the timber construction of the Ark itself (to occur in the first half of next year).

While I was at the actual Ark site in Williamstown, Kentucky, this week, I was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter. She asked me, “What can I tell the people of Kentucky?” I replied, “This is happening!” Yes—the Ark construction is happening—and still on schedule for the 2016 opening.

Enjoy the video update below and rejoice with us.
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When do you get to JESUS??? Sort of tired of hearing about you...and by the way...JESUS and HIS Father GOD SAID HE WOULD NOT FLOOD THE EARTH AGAIN,..or did I read that wrong. I have trusted in the LORD with all my heart and soul and I have NOT leaned on my own understanding. Why are you preaching the negative? Don't you trust in the LORD???
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Ken Ham

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Well, it’s good to link to a media article that shows the reporter actually researched the topic and reports the items correctly in accord with the actual facts. Sadly in today’s world, much of the media is out for sensational, misleading headlines, and then publishes agenda-driven articles meant to undermine and spread misinformation. That’s why I’m pleased to be able to link to this well-written article on the Ark project and recent happenings with the state of Kentucky by reporter Bob Unruh at WND (formerly WorldNetDaily). I urge you to read this:
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I thank God for your strength Sr.
Many blessings to this project...
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Ken Ham

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Answers in Genesis announces lawsuit against the state of Kentucky. Watch the video news release at the link below.
Answers in Genesis, developer of the Ark Encounter theme park in northern Kentucky, is filing a religious freedom lawsuit for unlawful viewpoint discrimination.
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+Phil McNally well we can agree to disagree
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Ken Ham

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I think it’s about time Christians woke up and understood that even though there are Christian missionaries in the public school system (and they need our prayers), by and large these schools are actually churches of atheism. Millions of students are being taught that all life and the universe arose by natural processes—by naturalism. But we need to call naturalism what it is—atheism. Regardless of where parents send their children to be educated (and that is their decision before the Lord), it does need to be understood that as these young people are sent to the public schools for around seven hours a day, and they are largely being indoctrinated in an anti-God religion. If one is not for Christ, then one is against Christ—there is no neutral position. If the education system is not for Christ, it is against Christ. If the textbooks are not for Christ, they are against Christ! If the teachers aren’t for Christ, they are against Christ!

“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters” (Luke 11:23).
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That's like calling Christian schools "churches".
Public schools aren't churches of Atheism, they're Atheist religious schools, and that's how they get away with acting as theocratic institutions in violation of the Seperation of Church and State that isn't actually a law in this country!
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Ken Ham

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Well, it comes as no surprise that the media and bloggers are at it again—trying to denigrate the Ark project. 

The propaganda war against our Ark Encounter project just entered a new phase. I believe some atheists are so obsessed with what AiG is doing to get out the truth of God’s Word to the culture that they search daily for whatever they can try to use to attack this ministry. Read more about it and my response to the latest propaganda at the link below.
I believe some atheists are so obsessed with what AiG is doing that they search daily for whatever they can try to use to attack this ministry.
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2) The analogy is false anyway. God has certain knowledge of our actions because he has omniscience and possesses all knowledge. In the analogy, you have confidence, not absolute knowledge like God, and it is based on a very limited amount of evidence. It is not absolute knowledge. For all you know, the car is going to break down now, preventing the child's death.
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Ken Ham

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Bill Nye (the Science Guy) sent me a gift!

I was surprised but pleased that Mr. Nye took time to send me a gift before Christmas that contained a special message in it for me. I think you will be very interested in what he sent and wrote.

You can read the special message and see what I've sent Mr. Nye in return in my article below. 
The debate with Bill Nye really illustrated the clash of two worldviews—choosing to decide truth for ourselves instead of trusting God’s Word.
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Didn't Ham pay Nye to debate him?
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Ken Ham

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Bill Nye Tells a Fairy Tale

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” of TV and debate fame has produced a short video that’s on YouTube (and was promoted through various media outlets) supposedly to explain evolution with what’s called Emoji!

Now the video has had about 1.3 million views. And you might be surprised when I tell you that I think it would be a good one for you to sit down and watch with your kids—so that you can clearly show them that evolution is just another fairy tale. And Bill Nye makes it so obvious. Read my response at the link below.
As Bill Nye attempts to explain the origin of life, explain to your children that really the belief in billions of years is part of his worldview—or religion.
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+Ben Stiller You don't cause worry only confusion to people who are seeking to know why they believe what they believe.
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Ken Ham

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“Exodus: Gods and Kinds” 

Here is a guest post by AiG CCO Mark Looy that offers his opinion of the new Ridley Scott movie based on the account of the Exodus.
This guest post by AiG CCO Mark Looy offers his opinion of the new Ridley Scott movie based on the account of the Exodus.
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+Ben Stiller What is it that makes you against God?
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