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Ken Falk

Fellow gamers, add me:
XBL - Professor Lube
PSN - Iam18grey

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Went ahead and pulled the trigger on this. As an added bonus, one of the charities a portion of your purchase price goes to is Flashes of Hope, an outstanding organization that I've had the privilege of working with.聽

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Huuuge thanks to +Ashley Ware聽 for my new profile pic!

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Check out my gameplay from the Destiny Beta. Absolutely loving this game so far!

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Aperture is dead. I'm bummed.
RIP Aperture

Whoa. Just got a text from my buddy +Ken Falk saying one thing :

It's official. Aperture is dead.

Surprised it took this long, actually. Good product too ...

A belated thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday! Had G+ notifications off. Here I thought it was just dead.

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Always be aware of your surroundings when piloting your titan.

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Or a Gibson Nighthawk?

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Anyone in the market for a sweet Tele?
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