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Ken East

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Hello sir..
i am sorry for writting my message here in comments but i tried hard to find your E-mail address to send you my message but couldn't find any.
i read your blog about rooting samsung galaxy s.i m trying to root other ROMs on my mobile but each time i am facing same problem that there is no space on device.i format my phone but still no use.
pleas sir i humbly request you to give me your suggestion.
my E-mail address is'll be waiting for your reply in my E-mail inbox.
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Ken East

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Hiten P
Hi Ken East,

I purchased an unlocked ATT SGH-I747 from California. All functions work well except Tethering.
1. The mobile hotspot does not switch on and this message pops up "Mobile data is not available or invalid SIM".
2. But when I connect the laptop and SGH-I747 using a USB cable with WIFI on the SGH-I747 I am able to tether. As soon I switch off the WIFI on the SGH-I747 and switch on mobile data the message "Mobile data is not available or invalid SIM" appears. I am not able to tether using mobile data. My simcard is good and allows tethering through another smartphone I own.

 I have rooted my SGH-I747 to Superus following the instructions at this website

Could you help me fix me the SGH-I747 so I can use the mobile data tethering? I live in Nairobi Kenya and need the mobile data tethering badly as we cannot get WIFI connection in homes easily. I rely on the simcard for all my internet browsing.

Appreciate your reply,

Hiten Patel
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