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Ken Burnside
Game designer. Purveyor of recreational mathematics. Writer.
Game designer. Purveyor of recreational mathematics. Writer.

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Social media overwhelms out brains, and tribal primate instincts take over. We have tools to combat this.

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Reminder: The NoOrangeList discount code ends tomorrow! 10% off any purchases at

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Surviving a disaster is largely an exercise in controlling your senses of panic, futility, and optimism

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Photos from the SpaceX tour. :)

My inner eight year old REALLY wanted the crane we saw attaching to a fairing.
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New on Reconstituted Coprolites:

How can Democrats survive the Trumpocolypse(tm)?

Study some Sun Tzu.

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New up on Reconstituted Coprolites.

Warning: Discusses Nazis in the US

Also discusses the age old solutions to how to deal with things like the embedded video.

Note to my conservative readers: I draw obvious parallels in the article to one of your Least Favorite Activists. Please do not take that as an opportunity to beat your chest and treat political affiliation as a blood sport.

You still elected the Orange Avatar of Incompetence.

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I've been informed that someone has created an "orangelist" of Trump supporters in the game industry, and that Ad Astra Games is top of the list, largely due to alphabetical order.

The progenitor of the list says that all entities on the list were contacted before he added them. We have no record of this contact for Ad Astra.

At least two other game companies listed on the "orangelist" have been out of business for ten years, and one designer listed has been dead since 1997.
Ad Astra's position is that we'll work with anyone who knows our products and does work we can use, and that whomever you voted for in this election is your business, not ours.

While we were going to create a Black Friday discount code that ran through the first Sunday in December...we're going to start it a day or two earlier than normal, and call it the NoOrangeList code instead.


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New up on Reconstituted Coprolites:

A discussion of the Muslim Registry story from a different perspective:
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