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Ken Burnside

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Oh noes.  The Hugo Award Insurgency got titles from Larry Correia, Theodore Beale and Brad Torgerson on the ballot.

Right (well, left-thinking) people are UPSET.

Brace yourselves.  The Outrage Machine is Coming!

I guess that what I find crazy about this - and, really, it's an organization of authors, which means that it's not difficult to find "crazy" and "shoot oneself in the foot" amongst other behaviors -- is that when Larry Correia orchestrates a campaign among his fans to nominate his books, it's "ballot stuffing."

When John Scalzi and Seanan McGuire do it, it's "making sure that quality is represented.

I find Beale's positions over the top, and offensive on some issues, especially the idea that homosexuality is a "curable condition."  I find the "Wait, who let the likes of YOU in here?!?," especially after the "Jonathan Ross Might Make a Fat Joke!" controversy...schadenfreudtastic.

I propose that everyone on the Baen list bring one of these:

And serve it generously.  Make a point of conscientiously leaving a slice at Scalzi's table wherever he might be.
Trigger Warning: Racism, sexism, homophobia, rape apologism, some truly heinous stuff. Approach with caution. Today, the Hugo Award nominations were released. Given how strong a year it was in scie...
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Gee.  Customers of a company expressed their opinion about a candidate for a leadership role.  The company executives said nothing.  The candidate resigned.

Oh noes.  It''s like Libertarianism actually worked.

Damned inconvenient when that happens.
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Ken Burnside

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Hey, +Ralph Mazza, methinks someone may need a new X-box or two...thanks to the actions of Hizzoner.

Or perhaps a business development loan.
Politicians can be such a thin-skinned bunch....
Politicians can be a thin-skinned bunch. You'd think they'd let insults roll off their backs given how much power they have over the lives and livelihoods
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Ken Burnside

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"It's your father's sarcasm. This is the weapon of a reasonable adult. Not as clumsy or as random as a meme, but a more elegant weapon for a more civilized discourse."

"Hah. Hokey civility and ancient debate tactics are no match for a good talking point at your side, kid."
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I think Han Solo's style would work better with "blaster at your side". I mean, that's how he won his debates with Greedo and that guy on the other end of the intercom (boring conversation anyway). It's how he tried to win a debate with Darth Vader.
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Nearing its final form. Anyone know what the font used for "The Gathering" is on the M:tG Card Backs?  It's been distorted enough that the font recognition sites can't tease it out.  It's not quite the font we're using here, but it looks very familiar.

There are requests to put the icons in circles; I think leaving them free is better, design wise.  There may be a faux border put around this, but that's trivial to add.

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Moriarty Citadel, apparently. 
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Ken Burnside

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Latest shirt alpha.

The microscope is a place holder until I get better art.
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Might work on the back but not the front.
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Ken Burnside

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Scientists at Harvard University have successfully taught a monkey to understand the theory of evolution. According to a new paper published today in Nature, a team of primatologists used basic sign language and symbols to teach an orangutan named “Pongo Pete” that humans and other primates ...
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Ken Burnside

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It's an election year, and spring is reputedly going to arrive ANY DAY now.  You need something to wear!

If you're one of the Great American Independents, and are tired of vilification done by the Left, the Right, the TEA Party and, heck, Ralph Nader's pet peeves...

We have just the thing for you to wear.

(Links to larger sizes are in the text description).

Own the debate...and this shirt before the Hound of Tindalos finishes eating the punchline. :)
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Ken Burnside

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And I think we've got our final shirt layout.
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Thanks.  Found it!
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Ken Burnside

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Are you looking for game writers?  A bunch of very talented ones just got let go by CCP.
We are well underway in coordinating a job fair for the very talented World of Darkness team that already has massive support from this amazing industry. Please send any leads to whether representatives can attend or not.
The job fair will be Tuesday, April 22 from 10am-2pm at the Courtyard Marriot in downtown Decatur, GA. Shares of this post are appreciated.
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Folk also need to remember CCP bought White Wolf so a couple of these guys are the real deal from the WW days.
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Ken Burnside

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The first wave of Bloodmouth Carnist shirts shipped last night - with the Post Office overloaded with tax days, they should start arriving this weekend. Wave 2 should happen today, and wave 3 if needed should go out on Thursday.
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Mine came today. Looks good!
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