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Ken Burgin
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Founder of Profitable Hospitality...


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Ask me all about cost control!
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Wondering if my little Samson Go USB Microphone will work plugged into an iPad or iPhone for recording, via the Apple Lighting > USB adapter? Will there be enough power?

My hot tip for more listeners: embed the player for each episode on your blog or web page. I do a weekly newsletter that points to a related web page - now embed the Libsyn player there with episode of the week. Means a big spike (maybe 100 extra) plays on the day it goes out, plus lots more in the days after. Easy to forget that some people will never work out pod apps on phones etc.

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Change to Spreaker 'Grant of Rights' - does it make much difference?
They say 'Starting on March 1st there will be a change in your Grant of Rights' and the link takes you to the usual lengthy list of T&C without highlighting what is actually changing! Anyone know what is different here? I put my LIbsyn RSS feed through Spreaker and have a very small number of listeners - wonder if it's worth the bother. If there's a Spreaker person on here maybe they could comment?

Podomatic - worth using? I'm looking at other avenues for my podcast - they have a $9.90 pro account that would handle the amount files I would add. Anyone have experience with its reach and type of listeners? My podcast has a business focus...

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Your thoughts on Libsyn on-publishing to LinkedIn, Tumblr and YouTube?
The more distribution the better I guess - any downside to this? YouTube is also an option - anyone know how this will work visually?

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Can't find the Libsyn HTML5 player in my account. I have looked in the Destination page but not showing as explained in this article - anyone got any ideas? I'm on the $20 pm plan so figure it should be there somewhere. Thanks - Ken

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Player options to embed on my Wordpress site?
I'm using the PowerPress plug in (you can see it on the link below) BUT it doesn't show up on an iPad. I'm not a fan of the Libsyn 'Wizzard' player as it's too big and black. I want one that gives people an 'embed' option as well as a player - guests often want to embed the show on their blog. Suggestions very welcome... Thanks!

I need a Wordpress person who can configure WPTouch Pro for me - so it looks good displaying my podcasts, not awful! Any recommendations? Thanks...and Happy New Year. Always appreciate the information from this group.... Ken

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This looks very interesting: automated way on OX 10.9 to turn a podcast into transcribed text
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