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Have a question about Maze of the Blue Medusa? A continually-updated FAQ is below…

Where do I buy a copy? Or if you want to buy the Hardcover + PDF bundle straight away: Or if you want to buy the PDF straight away:

Is the book sold on DrivethruRPG? Yep! and

How much to ship the book to ______? $6 within the US, $25 to Canada, and $35 everywhere else. Turns out it's egregiously expensive to ship nice books from the US!

Will the book be at my local store? A list of stores that stock the Maze: That said, Satyr, Zak, Patrick, and the designer all make the most cash if you buy the book directly from This book is a big expensive project with no corners cut; see below for more about the book and its price tag.

I ordered my copy recently. It hasn't shipped yet. WHAT'S GOING ON?! Short version: Here's a running spreadsheet of orders recently shipped and those that'll ship very soon: Long version: Satyr is a small and agile operation (out of my garage and living room)—which means that I need your patience re: how quickly I can fulfill your order. If you live in the US and you haven't received your copy within 20 business days from your order, 1) check the spreadsheet above and confirm that I've mailed your copy, then 2) email me at satyrpress at gmail and I'll look into it. If you live elsewhere, give me 40 business days then do the same. Also, if you'd like your info removed from the spreadsheet above for privacy concerns, let me know!

What's the book look like? It's a 7.5" wide by 9" tall smyth sewn (for long-lasting durability) hardcover, and features: 288 full-color pages; full-color endpapers featuring tables, maps, and art; foil stamping on the front cover and spine; hand-tipped debossed images on the front and back covers; a jet black cover cloth; FSC-certified interior paper stock; and a bookmark ribbon. And it's being printed in Canada by Friesens.

Will I be able to read the simple PDF on my tablet? Yep: if you buy either of the the PDFs or the Hardcover + PDF bundle, you'll receive an email with links to PDFs in two formats: one with the book's spreads as its pages, and the other with its single pages as its pages.

If I preordered the Hardcover + PDF bundle, do I get the PDF immediately? Because the bundles are being sold as preorders (meaning your credit cards won't be charged until whenever I receive the shipment of books), Gumroad won't let me automatically provide you the PDF. Which means that you'll receive an email containing links to the PDF within about 36–72 hours of your order.

What's the Deluxe PDF, exactly? A PDF version of the Maze that's hyperlinked throughout for maximum ease-of-use and speed-of-exploration. It's basically the PDF made for GMs and thorough explorers. It's available now at

If I already bought the Hardcover + Simple PDF bundle, or just the Simple PDF, will I be able to upgrade to the Deluxe PDF? Yep! You'll just pay the difference. Email me (satyrpress at gmail) and I'll hook you up.

I paid $55 (or more, not including shipping) for the Hardcover + Simple PDF bundle/I paid $10 or more for the Simple PDF. Does this mean I'll get the Deluxe PDF for free whenever it comes out? Yep! You should've received an email with links.

Hey: there are some typos in this thing. a) Send them to me! b) I don't think I've ever met a book this big and this complicated without typos. c) After some help from early readers, the simple PDF is now 99.9% typo- and error-free. And yep: we paid extra to edit the proofs so that the hardcover will be 99.9% typo-free, too.

$50! That's steep. Four people spent over 3 years and $30,000 to make this book. We aimed to make the best dungeon module ever, and I think we've done it—the book is big, durable, beautiful, useful, and constantly surprising and gorgeous and a lot of fun to read and run. I say: this book contains the best prose and best art of any published big dungeon module (and I'm not alone in saying that: see below for early reviews and reader feedback). We've bled for this thing, and we're supremely confident that you'll love it and think that $50 is a bargain. And for a little comparison: WotC listed their core 5E books at $50, and they a) aren't smyth sewn (and so are already falling apart), b) aren't nearly as beautiful (the Maze's art is spectacular), and c) FULL of fluff (every sentence and every spread in the Maze does something great).

Is it compatible with my favorite system? The Maze is system-agnostic, so you can run it easily with oldschool D&D, 5th Edition, DCC, The Black Hack, Labyrinth Lord, LotFP, Swords & Wizardry, etc… More info right here:

I don't know… Is the book getting good reviews? Ecstatic reviews:

Will you reprint the book? Maybe, maybe not; I do like truly limited edition objects…

Is the book available in French? Funny you ask—YES. Black Book Editions ( is working on a translation now.

Does the book have a trailer? Of course:

Again, folks: thank you so much for your curiosity and support. And if you want a hardcover copy, I recommend you get on it sooner rather than later.


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COSIGN/go vote. Democracy is important. #MotBM
Share this so people who can vote know to vote

Voting for +BoardGameGeek's Golden Geek Awards has begun! Vote the following RPG products if you're able to vote:

Game of the Year: +Magpie Games Masks

Best Artwork: Masks

Best Supplement: +Ken Baumann +Zak Sabbath +Patrick Stuart Maze of the Blue Medusa

Maze of the Blue Medusa is SOLD OUT. God it feels good to say that. No: there are no plans to reprint it. Yes: there will be 48 copies available at #GenCon. #MotBM #soldoutmotherfuckers

Satyr Press has some cash, so +Zak Sabbath and I want to throw the best party at #GenCon2017. I need a big suite in a hotel downtown, ideally connected to the Convention Center. If you've got one, email satyrpress at gmail and we'll talk cash. #MotBM #GenCon

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Maze of the Blue Medusa merch is coming soon!

The #MotBM All Rolled Up will cost £32 sterling, which is about $40. Every interior pocket will feature a different section of the maze/map/painting, so no two ARU's will be the same.

And 8"x8" neoprene dice trays are in the works.

All Rolled Up is right here:
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I've got less than 100 copies of Maze of the Blue Medusa left. (I'm saving 48 copies for Gen Con, so that folks can get +Zak Sabbath and +Patrick Stuart to sign one.) So if you've been waiting to buy a copy or another copy or a dozen for your entire family, do it now. We're not going to reprint the Maze anytime soon, if ever.


There are only a couple hundred copies of Maze of the Blue Medusa left. Retail orders are picking up fast. The book's about to get another very public review. Maze-themed tabletop gear is in the works. And—it's not official yet, *but!*—it's looking like a translation of the Maze is gonna be published in France soon.

Which means: if you want a copy or copies, BUY THEM SOON. We probably won't reprint it anytime soon.


Thanks to the holidays and Maze of the Medusa's inclusion in a Best Books of 2016 list at VICE, we had a $2000+ sales day. Turns out if you bleed to make a great thing, it'll get folks paid. Thanks, y'all! #MotBM 

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My favorite organization in tabletop gaming, +ConTessa, just got even more badass. Hell yeah, +Stacy Dellorfano and company! Looking forward to rolling with y'all next GenCon.

A lot of people are ordering Maze of the Blue Medusa because of the holidays, which is grrreeaat—so keep doing that. I haven't played D&D in forever but am running a big game of DEATHCRAWL (i.e. player-vs-player D&D madness on the clock, scroll down my profile for details) on Saturday so FUCK, FINALLY playing a game instead of doing tons of political shit with all my free time. And I bought the print + PDF combo of +Kiel Chenier's new book and +Jeff Rients' new book, and hot damn I'm ready for them.

Happy holidays to all you folks, my tabletop RPG brood. You make me feel better about humanity.
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