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After my random pat down at Newark Liberty Interntional last night: "You're free to go." Chilling words for someone who lives in the land of liberty. Are we going down a slippery slope?
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Yes, I am familiar with that argument that some people present. Nothing to hide? Nothing to worry about. I used to be one of those people. And I know your remark was tongue in cheek.

I was one hundred percent in favor of random drug testing until the day I had to pee in a cup while someone was watching in order to get a teaching job. I've never used an illegal drug in my life, and there I was performing what is in our culture one of the most private of acts while someone watched to make sure I didn't cheat. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. That event had a powerful effect on me. I understand now that some testing can be done with hair. That sounds much less invasive and much more palatable, and I hope that technology continues to improve to the point where it can be used in every industry where drug testing is prudent and necesssary.

I have been a conscientious objector with the airport security procedures. I haven't really supported them, but I have cooperated completely. I wasn't in support of the "opt-out" day a few months back. And I was fine throughout the pat down last night until the young man said, "You're free to go." The way I understand it, if I have given no reasonable cause and I am not accused of any crime, I was always free to go. So that troubled me. I hope that it was nothing more than a unfortunate choice of words on his part, and not indicative of something systemic.
I never had to take a drug test while someone watched...but everytime I've taken one, they take my handbag away from me when I go into the restroom. I agree with you, it seems like such an invasion of privacy for someone to be in the room with you.
Are we? I'd say we started going down a slippery slope years and years ago, and now we're so mired that we're in danger of starting to think it okay, or 'normal'.

In my lifetime, we could accompany our friends right to the boarding gates. Experts on security have been moreorless ignored in favour of's pretty terrifying.
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