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Kempton Lam
Documentarian / Independent Reporter / Consultant / Computer Scientist
Documentarian / Independent Reporter / Consultant / Computer Scientist

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啱啱睇完《我的女兒麥明詩—一張白紙到10優的培育經歷》, 寫一個簡短嘅所謂”書評”, 同大家分享我對本書嘅一啲睇法.

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Worth a watch "Wang & Fung: Tensions between China and Hong Kong and update report in the semi-autonomous territory" //即使ViuTV唔播,呢個世界上仲有 YouTube,以下係馮敬恩同王丹喺日本嘅記者會全記錄片段。// [HT 黃之鋒 Joshua]

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Curmudgeons is a short film (FREE on Vimeo) directed by Danny DeVito and produced by him and his son & daughter. As it is a ~15 minute short film, I won't say anything as I don't want to spoil anything. Enjoy. (Yes, I cried a little.)

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#TIFF2016 #MasterClass #StandByMe #ThePrincessBride #RobReiner #WhenHarryMetSally #AFewGoodMen #ThisIsSpinalTap //Director/writer/actor/producer Rob Reiner has built a remarkable body of work in comedy and drama, which has cemented his place in contemporary culture and consciousness. His career has spanned decades, from writing for The Smothers Brothers and All in the Family (and his iconic role as Michael Stivic), to a spectacular filmmaking career with standout features including: Stand By Me, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, This Is Spinal Tap, Misery, and the poignant Being Charlie. Reiner returns to TIFF with his new film LBJ, to discuss the versatility of his career in film and television, and his commitment to social justice on and off screen.//

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt just gained a ton of respect from me re how he spent his acting fee for Snowden. Hint: He didn't use it to buy a house. #ACLU

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#MiceStudyWarning #ProofOfConcept #NatureNanoscience
//A strain called MC-1(T), originally found in a low-oxygen region of water in the Pettaquamscutt Estuary in Rhode Island, also naturally navigates toward areas of low oxygen. That's handy because the fastest-growing part of a tumour — the area that should be targeted by chemotherapy drugs — also tends to be low in oxygen, as the growing cells consume oxygen so quickly.
That means when MC-1 bacteria are near a tumour, they'll naturally navigate toward the fastest-growing cancer cells — exactly where you might want it to deliver a load of drugs.
"You target not just the tumour, but the strategic location in the tumour where you expect to have the maximum therapeutic effect," Martel said. "Their instinct is to want to go to this thing. We just help them … we give them enough freedom so they can swim around obstacles."[...]
They found that on average, about 55 per cent of the 100 million bacteria they injected into each mouse made it to the low-oxygen areas of the tumour, they reported in the journal Nature Nanoscience this week.
While the study suggests this strategy could work, many further tests need to be done before the technology could be tested on human cancer patients.
Because it was a proof-of-concept study, the researchers haven't yet analyzed the effect of the delivered drugs on the tumour.
Nor do they know how the immune system of monkeys or humans would react to the bacterial injection.// Note0: Journal reference Nature Nanoscience (free readable copy, can't print/download): Note1: Computer engineering is cool! "The study was led by Sylvain Martel, a professor of computer engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, who has been trying for 15 years to develop a way to direct chemotherapy drugs to a tumour."

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Dear Car Key, Have I told you lately that I love you?
You look so charming in the ignition.
The passenger side window added a sense of mystique.
The four locked car doors woke me up that I have indeed not told you lately that I love you!
Car key my dear, you rank real high up in my world (of inanimate objects)!
Thanks to my epic awesome neighbour Shane who gallantly answered your call of help to deliver my wife's key!
My dear car key, you and I were speedily united in less than half and hour later!
Here is Rod's cover of "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" just for you, my dear car key!
P.S. This is my first and hopefully last time we separate like this! #WtfMe

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Small business owners: Go Walmart Go! in the battle with VISA re sky high fees!
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