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Another Craigslist murder in Atlanta tonight.   I've done lots of business on Craigslist (buying, selling, etc.) I've never met anyone in a non-public place.

My last Craigslist purchase meant I had to bring a lot of cash, and he was bringing a lot of equipment of value...  So we both thought a pretty busy Starbucks was great.  

The deal went off smoothly.  If your buyer or seller doesn't want to meet this way, you don't want to be transacting with them.

(Will update with link when one is available on AJC or WSB)
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I sold a couch on craigslist. I was not hauling the bitch. I did live on Charles Allen by Piedmont Park and it was Saturday. I also had 3 other guys there. I felt pretty safe. 
I meet anyone anywhere, but I always carry my piece.
+Kyle Kennedy when the article is posted and I update, you'll see the guy killed was carrying too..  In fact, he went with his son (or whomever) because he was a licensed carrier.

When he realized shit was sideways he went to pull...  They beat him.
That's why you show up brandishing that bitch.
Put a couple in their knees first just to be sure, then close the sale.
Hey, you the dude from Craigslist?
Pew Pew Pew!
Let's make a deal.
Greg S
I think that's the way concealed carry is supposed to make women safer from rapists too - they have to have it out and brandish it continually, drawing a bead on every potential rapist person they meet.  (Also, they have to make sure they never encounter groups of people.)
I think that's a safe phrase.

and it is a very safe one....  I tried to use it once while Driving while Black...  They charged me with lying to the police and a broken tail light.
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