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This image.  This little image.  Got me yelled at and called "unprofessional" today.

Even though everything under my control runs flawlessly, I'm deemed unprofessional because I asked for more details in problem reporting, and I attached this image.

It's all +Adonis Inman's fault.
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Somebody's winning today
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Kelvin Williams

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I wasn't going to talk about this anymore...  But they're less than $1k away.  

Come on...  Throw a couple bucks at it.  
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Kelvin Williams

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Bring on the flames... But I think Through the Wormhole is far better than Cosmos.
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Through the Wormhole is in the same category as the new Cosmos for me.    I was much younger and in a different place in my life when I saw the original Cosmos so there was a little more impact. 

I saw that this was on Netflix.   I'll probably give it a watch after i finish binge watching Law & Order.{keyword:nil}
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I'm curling up with the updated Glass SDK docs...  I really need a life.
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Sho do.
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Kelvin Williams

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Trolling in real life...
Not a perfect finish for the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings .
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I think "Inflicting Butthurt" has been on the books since 1990 or so.
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Kelvin Williams

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The ship sank within two hours of its first distress call, which came just before 9 a.m., the semiofficial Yonhap News Agency reported. It's not known what caused the incident.

North Korea?  I hope not.
Rescuers battled darkness, cold and low visibility to find survivors of a ferry sinking off South Korean coast.
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Asian driver
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Say whut? Fried chicken crust... 
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+Tony Cash I'm not actually interested in his junk. I'm concerned for his health and well being, just like the republicans! :- )
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My #WorkLaughOfTheDay ...  

So we just implemented a new repo system and LDAP and all that sexiness at work.  An email went out asking everyone to setup their account as quickly as possible.  I was a bit busy today, and when busy I don't look at e-mail until the end of the day.  (If you need me and it's important, call or IM.)

Apparently, I was the very last to get the memo.  I was pointed to it by my Scrum Master and ten seconds later one of the Ops guys (whom I was apparently impeding) popped up asking me to do the needful.

I was already in progress, but apparently they wanted secure passwords, not my normal "This is behind a VPN only accessible by employees I'll 'LetMeIn123' this password."

My Ops guy responded with the perfect YouTube video.  We got laughs and the work day was a little better.

Moral of the story, life is too short not to laugh.  As often as possible.

(The linked video if you've never seen it:
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Just don't forget to hit "Save" afterward.  That was a fun mistake.
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Looks like we've exported the cray to Canada...
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+Elton Woo All of a sudden I don't feel bad about being a hermit.
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+Google Glass why everyone have XE16 and I only got XE12.1?  

Also, everything Glass hears it is playing back to me through the bone conductor.  Very irritating.

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it has 2 incremental updates... FIRST XE12.1 -->THEN  XE16.. It just takes a bit of time. 
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Co-Pope of The High and Holy Church of Fierceness and the International Ambassador of Teh Gayz.
"Hi I'm Kelvin.  I'm everything society told you not to be."

I completed step one. 

I've admitted I have a mental problem.  But now I'm tired, gonna take a nap and start back at step one again.


This Google+ profile is the unfiltered version of Kelvin Williams.  Things which may be uttered may totally shatter your image of him.  If they do, and you no longer like him, then more than likely he never liked you.   

If you want the IP Engineer/Developer version you may see in your office or meet on a boring corporate conference call, check out the other +Kelvin WIlliams.


"The illustrious stirrer of proverbial shit" - +Natalie Arroyo, Co-Pope of The High and Holy Church of Fierceness.


The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


English is my second language.  My first is Sarcasm.


I'm srsly not here for you. I just kinda throw whatever out there.  Sometimes for conversation, sometimes for laughs, sometimes to piss you off.  My "filter" is clogged and #IDGAF anymore, life is short, laugh often.

Yes, +Dan Soto called me a racist for some off-color (every pun intended) comment I made, I said, "...and nobody does domestic terrorism like white boys" (just after the Boston Bombings when every one was speculating on who.  I grew up a black gay male in rural white America (Kentucky), I don't think it is possible for me to be racist without hating most of my friends and some of my own family.

And yes, +Melony Isaac blocked me and whined to the masses because I called her out on her bullshit.  Her recipe:  Race/Sex-bait, make herself a victim, block people and repeat.

See, just so you know...  If something is stupid, I'm gonna call it stupid.  If you're being stupid, I'm gonna tell you that you're being stupid--just like I fully expect you to do to me.  I used to be a liberal Democrat, now I'm just a human...  We can all get along and laugh at shit, if you can't do that, you're following (or about to follow) the wrong person.

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Was on "Reading Rainbow" as a child. Reviewed, "Boxcar Children" Do you even read?!
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Was referred here by Well Star. Said, "Come on in at 10:30 we have an appointment." But the moment she learned I was a new patient, that appointment apparently vanished. This, even after being told that I was being referred on a near-emergency basis due to extremely high blood pressure (165/115). Won't even consider them now.
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Today I tried this Dunkin Donuts again, and again I drove off angry. You have to WORK to be this bad. I've sat at the drive-thru speaker for 5+ minutes before even being acknowledged. Beyond the speaker don't expect it to get any faster. The employees are your typical fast food employee, so I blame the management for the guaranteed poor service. I will not be back.
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WARNING: DO NOT COME HERE UNLESS YOU CAN EAT A LOT OF FABULOUS FOOD! The food is amazing and the portions can feed small armies. If you choose to ignore my warning, ask for Vince for amazing service.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Made an appointment, but ended up fixing it myself. Never even called me for my appointment with a Genius. Apple, get it together! This is horrible. An hour of my time wasted.
Quality: Poor to fairAppeal: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
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Shattered the glass on my Samsung Note II, was told by a friend to check these guys out. I am so happy I did. For the same price as my insurance deductible ($100) it was repaired in only thirty minutes! While I do not want to be a repeat customer (for obvious reasons), if I need any repair work done on my phone I know exactly where I'm going and I know the first place to tell someone to go when they find themselves in the same situation. Keep up the good work guys!
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Found this place using PayPal Local. You can buy gas (and anything else) using PayPal! Sam, the owner, is a really cool guy and the next time I'm on the south side again I'll definitely stop in. I was his first PayPal customer. :) Finally a place you can use PayPal funds.
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Love it here! Real coffee and real people. Great food and service. Makes you wish they were on every corner instead of Starbucks. Oh, they even have a printer you can use! Perfection.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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