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Has anyone played or run any campaigns in Tilea? I read the old Dogs of War army book and Joe Abercrombie's Best Served Cold at the same time and now I'm tempted to run a revenge comedy-thriller set among the warring city-states of the peninsula.

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Contact Sasha if you're interested!
GMs wanted!

On Saturday 24th September 2016 the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts are going to run a small OSR convention in east London (UK), and we're looking for LotFP game masters to join us. Split into two 3.5 hour session, starting at 10am and finishing at 6pm with a break of an hour for lunch, you can run a single 7 hour game or a 3.5 hr game. 

I have been unwell. While unwell, I have also read Darkwalker on Moonshae.

I am not sure which is worse.

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It is happening again. Or something.

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Here's the second printing of Vornheim , with the dust jacket printed upside-down. Appalling.

I reviewed the original printing back in 2011 and loved it. You can buy the new printing here:

Hello all, I feel a bit of a fraud, but let's give it a go.

Name: Kelvin Green.
Country/State/City of residence: Brighton, UK.

Do you consider yourself a professional artist/designer (profesional meaning you make all or most of your income from art or design)?
No way!
If not, are you working towards becoming profesional and what steps are you taking?
No. For one thing, I'm nowhere near good enough to be professional, and I'm not sure if I want to turn something I love doing into a job.
Do you focus on one area or specialise i.e. fantasy, rpg, or do you branch out?
Most of my paid work has been fantasy rpg illustration but I started in comics and still draw them now and then.
What is the reasoning behind your rates (don't post your rates, but your reasoning for how you charge)?
This is a bit embarrassing but I have no real idea what my work is worth. When I do charge, I try to ask for what seems like a reasonable amount, but whatever it is, I feel like I'm ripping the customer off.
This is my main site, but it's been an epoch since it was updated:
Most of my more recent stuff is here:

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I've never played this but I remember playing the computer game version and I also recall the board game getting a favourable mention in -- of all places -- an issue of White Dwarf in the mid-90's, long after they'd abandoned support of non-GW games.
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