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A Writer's Parable by +Robert Bruce "He merely sat at his desk staring at a blank sheet of paper."
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Whoa, awesome work +Robert Bruce , I'm glad I'm reading this while still in my 20s :)

Thanks for sharing Kelton. Guys, I'm curious, who are some of your favorite authors and stylistic influences? I'm at that phase where I'm devouring as much as I can and really focusing on style (which, of course, gets in the way of the actual content sometimes) and I'd like to know who helped shape the way you weave your words.
+Michael Campos That's a great question, because honestly, I think devouring many different influences can get confusing. Stick to two or three authors that really grab you, narrow it down, then go from there. Early writers that got me probably wouldn't be the same for you, but always keep an eye on the masters. Then do the opposite:)
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