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Google Author Rank Explained

By now you have probable hear the term "author rank" whether it was here at Google Plus or some other SEO or social media platform. Author rank is certainly a term you want to be familiar with.

In a nut shell Google Author Rank is way of rating the content of an author across the web.The quality of an author's content can be used by Google to influence search rankings.

Assuming that an author has a high author rank score, representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, then additional content written by that author will be promoted relative to unassigned content or content from less reputable authors in search results.

In other words if you produce valuable content it is more than likely going to receive a boost in the SERPS if you have claimed authorship!

How will Google determine how valuable an author's content happens to be? More than likely it will be formed from a number of factors including how many times an author's articles are shared, commented on and plussed.

Other factors could include tweets and other such "social signals" across other social media platforms.

One key consideration is to make sure you have claimed "authorship" of your content. There are a number of articles online that explain how to go about claiming Google authorship. I would suggest you do so!

There are many that expect 2013 to be the year of social signals becoming the new SEO. Some in the SEO industry believe that Google Author rank has been partially turned on but could see it's full impact sometime this year, as Google figures out how to make their model work best.

To understand Author rank completely here are three of the best articles on the subject:




If you are in business and want to make sure your website or blog is found on the first page of Google, author rank is not something you can ignore!

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