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So Google+ finally received a make-over?

What's your favorite body font?

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I took a new picture! If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen it.

Having trouble deciding...

Black OR White iPhone?
21" OR 27" iMac?

I'm getting both but the choices are argh!!

Say you're a recent college graduate (or even still in college for that matter) and you can afford it, what would you recommend for a first place? A house, an apartment, a condo, or a loft?

I'm not too keen about renting since renting a nice place here in Miami is almost the equivalent to what you would find for a basic mortgage payment; whatever I choose, I plan on staying there for awhile as I hate excessive moving. Not sure where to start.

Any recommendations?

I use Google every day but for some reason, I never update my status on this thing. If this was attached to my Twitter, I would be updating almost 24/7. :P

I really need to start updating my own statuses. I mainly reply to other people's and since this isn't Facebook, it doesn't say that I do. :'D Makes me look so inactive.
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