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Kelsey Gillespy
I want to reach the world with His words
I want to reach the world with His words

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How's the progress of "Birds of Passage" looking, +Diogenes Ruiz ? Can you believe there's less than one month until the release date??

Hello fellow ECF writers! As you know, when you're in the creative industry, it's critical that you surround yourself with creative people. For this reason, I joined a local Christian critique group full of good women. However, after they read my work, they questioned its Christian validity, stating that it was (can you believe it?) "too edgy"! I was wondering if any of you are experiencing similar situations? If so, would anyone be interested in creating a virtual ECF crit group with me?

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My daughter and I are huge Mavericks fans and the 2015-2016 schedule was just released!! Call 214-658-7139 for discounted tickets! #GoMavs #MavsFever  
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Random question (for promoting purposes again): who will be publishing the anthology?

Hey Edgy Christian Writers! I haven't heard much about the anthology lately, and I was just wondering if the project was still ongoing? If so, what's the timeline looking like for all contributing authors?

Just curious as to what everyone is working on these days!  If you had to summarize your WIP in one sentence, what would it be?

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Thanks for the invite to such an exciting group, Diogenes!  I am really looking forward to seeing the material you all produce!  I currently have a few WIPs - one is an adventure/thriller of sorts and the other is YA.  For more info about me, please swing by my website!
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